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Get ready to spark joy and laughter with our collection of fun and games! From interactive activities to playful challenges, this category is all about bringing joy and excitement into your day.

The Sparkle Team's Favorite Ideas for Shaking It Up

Regular routines keep us grounded, but sometimes we need to free up some excess energy. So inject some extra play into your day with our sparkliest ideas for spontaneous fun!

Sparkle Activity: Airport Bingo Adventure

While they wait for their flight, Momma suggests an entertaining game that will keep the whole family engaged. Get ready to embark on your own airport adventure with our exclusive Airport Bingo game! Fill your Airport Bingo Card with enchanting destinations and unlock a world of imagination during your school break. Let the journey begin!

Which Fairy Are You?

Take the Sparkle quiz to find out which fairy magic you have within.

6 Ways to (Truly!) Make Cleaning Fun

Games that actually get kids excited about cleaning up.

ABC Scavenger Hunt for Kids with Wild Learning

This week, a special partner joins in on the Sparkle Fun! A darling alphabet scavenger hunt created by educator Rachel Tidd of Wild Learning is featured in “A Forested Alphabet”, and we are bringing you step by step instructions to capture some of the magic on your own!

A Morning Together Time: Sing-Along with Martin and Sylvia!

Our team's musical contributors have created and recorded their own versions of some of the songs that Martin & Sylvia sing with Momma and Daddy in the story. Read on to hear them — and be ready to sing, clap, dance, and even play along!

The Dowdling Song: A Sparkle Stories Sing-Along!

In this week’s new Martin & Sylvia story, Sylvia learns a song to help when something needs to be done that you might not want to do- we've created a version of it just for you!

X Investigates: A Summer Scavenger Hunt

This week, we are sharing this fun Summer Scavenger Hunt, based on the new Life as a Martian episode! We’ve created a free downloadable pdf to guide you through the X Investigates Summer Scavenger Hunt. Just print out a copy for each of the kids who will be participating, provide a writing utensil, and let the fun and games begin!

THREE Sparkle Playdate Themes

Do your kids miss playdates with their friends? I know my kids do. Playdates were a regular thing for my eight- and ten-year-olds. We’ve been doing some thinking here at Sparkle and came up with an idea that might help: a Sparkle Stories playdate.

How Well Do You Know Martin & Sylvia?

In celebration of "Martin & Sylvia", we've made up a little Sparkly Quiz with some rather challenging questions. Find yourself a piece of paper and a pen and see how many of these you can answer!

Make 'Em Laugh: 3 Silly Family Games

There's no better way to rest and relax than to play a game with your family. Here are three of our favorite Sparkle games guaranteed to have you smiling and laughing together in no time.

Celebrating Autumn Equinox

Celebrating the Fall Equinox is a great way to bring a closer connection to nature into your home. Explore our best waldorf-inspired tips to help welcome the change from summer to fall.

Summertime Fun! Our Best Sparkle Games

At Sparkle, we love games — especially homemade games. We've rounded up nine of our best games for you to try out this summer. Some of them can be played inside or outside (or both). Some can be played in the car or anywhere you have to wait for something. We hope these games bring some fun to your long summer days.

Sparkle Summertime Bingo! Free Printable Game

Launch your family into exploring our summertime content with this free printable. Between stories, crafts and recipes, there's plenty to fill your long summer days.

Summer Games Round-Up

Summer is in full swing, and this week at Sparkle Stories we are exploring our towns and parks. We've got four games for you, all of which work really well just about anywhere you want to explore.

Favorite Summertime Game: Capture the Flag

It has running, hiding, chasing, strategy, and in our case – battling. We play all year long in the same park in Austin and enjoy how the landscape changes from summer to fall to winter to spring. We hide in the wildflowers in spring – we climb trees in the winter, we slide around in the mud in autumn, and of course we sweat through the summer.

The Three Best Car Games We Ever Made Up

In this video we share our three favorite car games - all made up on the spot (usually to interrupt yet another argument in the back seat over whose stuff is on the wrong side).

Nature School Project: Squirrels Uprising

Today we are joined by Jeannine Tidwell of Twin Eagles Wilderness School. Jeannine explains how to play the game “Squirrels Uprising."

Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! Printable Project Page: Animals Game

A printable for one of our favorite games! Here's how you play: One of you becomes a fairy man named Scudge Pundleman and transforms into the animal of your choice. While you transform, the others chant: “Scudge Pundleman, Scudge Pundleman.”

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