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A Morning Together Time: Sing-Along with Martin and Sylvia!

A Morning Together Time: Sing-Along with Martin and Sylvia!

This week's new Martin & Sylvia story is all about their morning together time — which includes music time!

For families to join in on the fun, we've developed a sing-along playlist. Our team's musical contributors have created and recorded their own versions of some of the songs that Martin & Sylvia sing with Momma and Daddy in the new story. Read on to hear them — and be ready to sing, clap, dance, and even play along!

Below you will find our recordings of Sur le Pont d'Avignon, Good Morning Dear Earth, and Five Little Fishes — with bubbles and all! You can also follow along with the lyrics for these three songs and the other verses mentioned in the story.

Take a look at some of our favorite tutorials for easy-to-make DIY instruments so you can join in on the “Morning Together Time” fun!

Martin & Sylvia Sing Along: mic

Sur le Pont d'Avignon

Sur le Pont d'Avignon
L'on y danse, l'on y danse
Sur le Pont d'Avignon
L'on y danse tous en rond.

Les messieurs font comme ça
Et puis encore comme ça.

Les belles dames font comme ça
Et puis encore comme ça.

Good Morning Dear Earth

Good morning dear earth
Good morning dear sun
Good morning dear flowers
and the fairies, every one
Good morning dear beasts
and the birds in the trees
Good morning to you
Good morning to me

Five Little Fishes

Five little fishes swimming in a pool
The first one said: “The pool is cool”
The second one said: “The pool is deep”
The third one said: “I want to sleep”
The fourth one said: “Lets dive and dipp”
The fifth one said: “I spy a ship”
The boat comes and a line goes splash
Away the five little fishes dash.

Make Your Own Instruments

Part of making music is keeping a beat! In our sing-along-songs, we use guitar, ukulele, piano, and even mandolin! In this blog post, we learn to make some instruments so that you too can shake and strum along with the sing-along songs — and maybe make up some of your own!

Singalong: Instruments

Popsicle Stick Kazoo:

Use this easy tutorial from Kidspot to make your own popsicle stick “harmonicas” (and play along to the harmonica part in Good Morning Dear Earth). You will need:

2 popsicle sticks
2 small pieces of craft paper
1 big rubber band
2 small rubber bands
Sticky tape and scissors
Stickers, markers, and any other supplies for decorating your harmonica!
For some DIY instruments that are suitable for even younger little ones, check out this past post from our own blog. You find directions for a colorful bead shaker and a simple finger harp (using just a piece of wood, rubber bands, and push pins).

You’ll find the words to the remaining verses from “A Morning Together Time.” Why not try playing along with your new DIY instruments? Maybe you can create YOUR own versions — be sure to share them with us if you do!

More Verses from “A Morning Together Time”

In January falls the snow.
In February, cold winds blow.
In March peep out the early flowers.
Then April comes with sunny showers.
In May, the roses bloom so gay.
In June, the farmer mows the hay.
In July, bright shines the sun.
In August harvest has begun.
September turns the green leaves brown.
October winds then blow them down.
November fills with bleak and drear.
December comes and ends the year.

A sailor went to sea, sea, sea
To see, what he could see, see, see
But all that he would see, see, see
Was the bottom of the deep, blue sea, sea, sea.

Head shoulders knees and toes
Knees and toes
Head shoulders knees and toes
Knees and toes
And ears and eyes and mouth and nose
Head shoulders knees and toes
Knees and toes.

About the Author

Jessica Pounds and Leroy Copeland

Musical Contributors

With over 45 years of combined experience as performing musicians and songwriters, Jessica Pounds and Leroy Copeland are also Musical Contributors for Sparkle Stories. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, the duo have been performing and recording regularly since their teenage years. Their paths crossed (onstage!) in early 2019, and the rest is history. You can keep up with their latest releases on Instagram.

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