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THREE Sparkle Playdate Themes

May 5, 2020
THREE Sparkle Playdate Themes

Do your kids miss playdates with their friends? I know my kids do. Playdates were a regular thing for my eight- and ten-year-olds. We’ve been doing some thinking here at Sparkle and came up with an idea that might help: a Sparkle Stories playdate.

Of course, we can’t actually go to one another’s houses just yet, but we do have video chat so you can use that to talk with the friends you want to come to your playdate. The idea is to have the kids choose a theme, listen to the stories, have a snack from one of our Sparkle recipes, and then do a craft. The kids can talk about the stories or share what they made via pictures, messaging, or video chat.

We’ve chosen a few themes to get you started: Sparkle Outdoors, Sparkle Backyard Games, and Sparkle Art. All of the materials in the crafts and the recipe ingredients are easily found at home or out in nature. If you do have a Sparkle Playdate, please share with us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email!

Playdate Idea 1 (Sparkle Outdoors)

Getting outside might be tougher these days — now that tablets and video game consoles have taken the front seat. But getting outside is still one of the best ways to connect with yourself, your family, and your friends. This theme encourages taking walks and maybe making a sheet tent or having a backyard campfire.


Camping Out

Camping Out

We’ve included links to one fun and easy recipe and craft as well as a round up of many more. Try this suggestion for a playdate — or choose one of your own!

Crafts and Recipes - Hidden Earth Art - Collapsible Play Tent - Nature Recipe Round Up - Banana Mud Boats

Playdate Idea 2 (Sparkle Backyard Games)

Playing games together might seem really hard at first, but we’ve got a few fun games that are easy to do at home! Our Bingo Game is simple and great for a large range of ages. Have everyone print out the bingo card and get going doing crafts and recipes! Or make up an obstacle course for your friends to try. And best of all, you can make lemon bars, invite parents to hide them, and see if you can find them like Martin & Sylvia. We’re also including a round-up of some of our best summer games.


Crafts and Recipes

Playdate Idea 3 (Sparkle Art)

Some kids just love art. We have many art project ideas here at Sparkle and lots of them can be done with simple materials you have at home. One idea is to make the art project and deliver it to your friend’s door! Or make the peg dolls and exchange them so each kid has something new to play with. The snack idea we’ve included are really art projects too! Lastly, you can check out a round-up of natural material crafts to choose from.


Crafts and Recipes

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