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Which Fairy Are You?

Which Fairy Are You?

In the Sparkle world of fairies, there are four types that interact with humans: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Each has its own personality, powers, and mischievous qualities. How, you may ask, do you know if you are interacting with fairy magic? Well, anytime you notice something shimmering like sunshine on a pond, or sparkling like newly fallen snow, or anything beautiful in nature, you know there are fairies nearby. But which ones?

Here are some of the classic varieties of fairies and the natural elements (and mysteries!) they represent.

Air (aka pixies or sylphs): These fairies explain the wonder of ideas. When you know the answer to a problem or know what someone else is thinking, it’s usually an air fairy telling you its secrets.

Natural Powers: - Like the wind, ever-changing - Push out leaves and flowers

Water (aka nymphs or undines): These fairies explain the wonder of feelings. When you’re suddenly awash with love for a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger, or when you remember to relax before doing something that scares you, it’s the influence of a water fairy.

Natural Powers: - Like water, they tend to seek their own level. Imagine a lake: placid, deep, contained. - Influence the up-and-down nature of the plant stem, bringing water and nutrients up from the roots and into the leaves, flowers, and fruits. - Watch out. Tidal waves are also a trait of these usually calm, steady creatures.

Earth (aka gnomes): These fairies explain the wonder of the physical world. When lost things are found, when you find a hidden treasure, or when a perfectly orange leaf falls at your feet, you know an Earth Fairy is nearby.

Natural Powers: - Masters of the underground, including the roots of plants. - Winter is considered their season because it is the time of year that most plants are dormant, but the roots are alive and well.

Fire (aka salamanders): Fire is the ultimate transformer. When you experience moments of growth or transformation, know a fire fairy is around. On a much smaller level, fire fairies are present when you have a “spark” of inspiration or a sudden idea (light bulb over your head).

Natural Powers: - Think brightly-colored flowers, butterflies, a shock of lightning, a rainbow, fireflies, or sparkling light on the surface of a river. - Connected to the sun’s light and warmth.

Which fairy are you most like? Take the Sparkle quiz and see which magic you have within.


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