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X Investigates: A Summer Scavenger Hunt

X Investigates: A Summer Scavenger Hunt

This week, we are sharing this fun Summer Scavenger Hunt, based on our “Life as a Martian” adventures!

In this weeks upcoming episode, “X Returns”, we learn more about the Nebraska family pet-slash-robot, X (which is short for Experiment 28.8467 N 81.0608 W). We finally get some more clues about the special job assigned to X: gathering information about Earth.

X is an investigator at heart, and those skills were put to the test during the recent trek back to Greenhorn, Florida to reunite with the Nebraskas (of all places, surprisingly at a fourth of July cookout!). Inspired by that same spirit of curiosity and inquisitiveness, we’ve put together a fun Summer Scavenger hunt for our young Sparklers! Kids can enjoy this fun activity with friends over these warmer months, so be sure to plan for it the next time you have an outdoor gathering or cookout coming up!

We’ve created a free downloadable pdf to guide you through the X Investigates: Summer Scavenger Hunt. Just print out a copy for each of the kids who will be participating, provide a writing utensil, and let the fun and games begin!

You can download the pdf here! Be sure to document the fun, and share your Scavenger Hunt on social media! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, and be sure to use #sparklestories!

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