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The Dowdling Song: A Sparkle Stories Sing-Along!

The Dowdling Song: A Sparkle Stories Sing-Along!

In this week’s new Martin & Sylvia story, Sylvia wakes up and just doesn’t want to do any school. Through the activities of the morning, she makes a special visit and finds a helpful tool — a fun song to sing when there’s something that needs to be done that you don’t want to do!

The song helps Sylvia reframe her day, and she teaches it to her entire family.

What activities, chores, or responsibilities would "The Dowdling song" help your family with? For Sylvia, it was school. For her dad, it was a work presentation.

We’ve created a recording that you can use at home to help whenever you are in the same situation! Try it out, and help your kids learn it (Here are the lyrics to help you out!).:

Rowdily Wowdily Dowdily Do
Squiggily Wiggily Giggily Goo
Noodily Poodily Doodily Do
Rowdily Dowdily Row!

Listen below to our version of “Dowdling” (try the bottom for a more toned-down version)

For even more fun, head over to instagram or Facebook, and share a video or story of how you use “The Dowdling Song” — what will you be doing while you sing it? Be sure to tag us and use hashtag #sparklestories.

Melody and Music Written and Recorded by Sparkle Team member Jessica Pounds and artist/producer Leroy Copeland.

About the Author

Jessica Pounds and Leroy Copeland

Musical Contributors

With over 45 years of combined experience as performing musicians and songwriters, Jessica Pounds and Leroy Copeland are also Musical Contributors for Sparkle Stories. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, the duo have been performing and recording regularly since their teenage years. Their paths crossed (onstage!) in early 2019, and the rest is history. You can keep up with their latest releases on Instagram.

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