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Project Round Up: Fun Things to Do with Dad for Father's Day

Project Round Up: Fun Things to Do with Dad for Father's Day

It's that time of year again — time to celebrate all things DAD and those who identify as DAD! We took inspiration from our Martin & Sylvia collection story Father's Day in which Martin and Sylvia are left to think about all Daddy does for them and the best way(s) to say "thank you" (that are unique to him)! We wanted to pose that same question to you, lovely Sparklers...

What are some things that make YOUR Daddy unique? What does he LOVE to do? Is he an outdoorsy type who enjoys long hikes in the woods? Or perhaps he's more of a foodie who'd love a nice home cooked meal? Or would he prefer a more low-key day, cuddling on the couch with you, watching his favorite movie and munching on all his favorite movie-watching-snacks? It's time to put on your best thinking caps and come up with a super awesome activity to do with your one-and-only Dad!

Feeling a little stumped or looking for a little inspiration? You know Sparkle Stories — we've got you covered with some fun and unique ways to celebrate Dad!

personalized hiking stick 17 || martin & sylvia


This is a great idea for the nature enthusiasts! Why not plan a full outdoor adventure hike with Dad? You can start by creating a one-of-a-kind hiking stick in all his favorite colors.

Find the tutorial here.

And then, with the help of another adult, you can create a Hidden Earth Art scavenger hunt and take Daddy on an extra special hike!

Learn more here.

clothespin race cars 7 || dry gables hands together


Is your Dad more of a techie guy? Does he like to use his hands to make and create? Then here are TWO awesome crafts/activities that you can make together (or you can try making for him!)

The first one is inspired by Juan Paco's contraptions in the Libby & Dish story “On Clouds and Hard Places.” You'll be creating a tiny toothbrush robot — a.k.a. a Simple Brushbot!

Learn how to make one here.

Maybe your Dad is more of a car enthusiast? If so, then our Clothespin Race Cars will be right up his alley!

Learn more here.

trout over a campfire


I think it's safe to say that lots of dads LOVE a good meal. Especially one that's cooked on a BBQ — or better yet, an open fire!

Try pampering Dad with these delicious Sparkle Stories Turkey Burgers.

Explore the recipe here.

Is Dad a vegetarian? You know we've got you covered there too! Try our super-delicious (and nutritious) Chickpea Burger here.

fire roasted marshmallow strawberries 7 || so many fairies


In our opinion, nothing is more Dad than a backyard camping adventure. Day or night, it can be a fun bonding activity. You can start with creating your very own pop-up tent, like this one here. You can eat some fancy Fire-Roasted Marshmallow Strawberries and then take Dad on an extra-special Night Walk!

Don't forget to bring your very own Handmade Telescope for stargazing, like this super sweet one we found here.

Dad, Daddy, Daddy-O, Father, Pops - whatever you call him, we're just so happy to have these good fellows in our world.

Happy Almost-Father's-Day, Sparkle Dads! We love and appreciate each and every one of you.

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