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Sweet Summertime with Dr. Carrie Contey

Dr. Carrie Contey shares her best tips and tools for a sweet summertime in this enlightening conversation with Lisabeth.

Sparkle Kitchen: Cucumber Yogurt Salad (Khyar Bi Laban)

Give your tastebuds a City-of-Eight-inspired treat with this delicious Middle Eastern cucumber yogurt salad.

Sparkle Kitchen: Hummus – Middle Eastern Style!

Power your snacking with authentic Middle Eastern hummus as you keep up with the adventures of the Dory Horde on their Egyptian adventure.

Storybox Playlist: Stories About All Kinds of Superheroes

Listen to these five stories that explore different ways of being super every day.

Let's Find Your Superpowers! Printables & Activities

We've pulled some of the best exercises from our original How To Be Super course to help you and your children become super!

Finding Our Superpowers with Dr. Carrie Contey

Dr. Carrie Contey shares her best tips and tools for finding our superselves in a power-packed video conversation with Lisabeth.

Storybox Playlist: Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Nine stories that prove everyday people can be truly super.

Meet the Dory Horde

The Dory Horde: The City of Eight (Book Three) includes complex story lines and intricate family relationships – plus the narrative jumps episodically between different locations and characters! Here's a quick guide to everyone in the collection.

Which Fairy Are You?

Take the Sparkle quiz to find out which fairy magic you have within.

Recipe Round Up: 5 Snacks for Helpers (All Hands On Deck)

Staying fueled when you’re working hard is key to motivation and success.

6 Ways to (Truly!) Make Cleaning Fun

Games that actually get kids excited about cleaning up.

Stock Your Cleaning Kit for Kids

It's time to clean — but where to begin? Stocking a kid-friendly cleaning kit with simple supplies will set the stage for your family to create a fresh and clean home.

Stories to Help You Find Peace and Quiet

Start by taking a deep breath. Then press play.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Help Around the House

A little inspiration can go a long way in motivating your children to clean. These seven stories are just the encouragement they need.

Stories to Bring Motion to Emotion

Inspiration to get the body moving, even when you don’t want to.

An Interview with Lisabeth for the Growth Mindset Parenting Summit

Lisabeth was honored to be a part of the Growth Mindset Parenting Summit, hosted by Amy Doeun. In this conversation, they talk about using stories to support a peaceful home.

Foods That Make You Smile Round-Up

Eight activities that actually encourage your kids to play with their food!

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Joy

Listen in as this fun cast of Sparkle characters inspires you to find joy throughout every day.

Sometimes You Just Need a Laugh Playlist

These 10 funny tales are sure to keep you and your children giggling throughout the day.

Storybox Playlist: Feel All the Feels

This playlist stars little kids with big feelings. Listen as they learn to accept, identify, and share them.

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