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The Rights of the Lefts - in honor of Martin Luther King : By Thistle By Thimble About This Story

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friday's kind words

I just would like to thank you for being absolutely amazingly positive forces of (human) nature. ~Bolaji O

friday's kind words

Thank you to David for sharing his talent and to Lisabeth for recognizing it and helping it become available to us all. We appreciate you and what you have brought to our family. ~Alison

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The Rights of the Lefts - in honor of Martin Luther King

By Thistle By Thimble

This story is about a kingdom long ago and far away where the right-handed people were in charge: they ate the best food and enjoyed the best jobs and lived in the best houses. The left-handed people, however did not enjoy any of those comforts. No, they lived in the fields and ate while they worked and slept on the ground. But this was how things were, this was how life had been for years and years and though there were some that didn’t agree with this, no one spoke up against the king and queen who ruled them.

And then something remarkable happened. The king and queen had twins and only one of them was right handed. The other was left handed – and now, they were faced with an important decision. And what happens next is not what you would expect.

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