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friday's kind words

[The Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar] stories are funny and delightful, and they demonstrate courage, authenticity, compassion, empathy and most of all - service. ~Lizzy Spohr Russinko

friday's kind words

It is so nice to have wholesome, socially-progressive, community minded stories to share with our children (and enjoy ourselves). ~Adam Murray

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Home Grown Thanksgiving

For as long as either Martin or Sylvia can remember, they have gone to their Grandparent’s home to celebrate Thanksgiving. But this year, their parents have decided to host the event at home. And not only is the traditional location changing, but Momma and Daddy have proposed to cook a Thanksgiving meal with only local ingredients – which means that everything they eat will come from their own garden or from farms nearby! Martin and Sylvia wonder: what in the world will they eat?

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