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Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club!

Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club!

Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club!

Just like with all of our "Audio Advent Calendars", this collection offers a story-a-day for you to enjoy all the way from December 1 to December 25.

However this audio calendar is a bit different! We're calling it a "Holiday Calendar" as the children enjoy exploring holiday celebrations across cultures and faiths, all with the intent to "do some good" each day.

Buy or gift the entire collection in the Sparkle store now!

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On the first day of December, Libby receives some holiday wisdom from her cat, Dish, and her neighbor’s dog, Chad. They teach her what comes to be known as the “dog trick,” or the powerfully positive effect of doing nice things for others. When Libby describes this to her friends, Morgan and Juan Paco, suddenly a new adventure is born: a Good-Deed-a-Day Club! They decide that for every day in December, they will do something nice for someone else. The result is not only pure holiday delight, but also a chance to learn about how others celebrate during this time of year.

Twenty-five stories for December 1 to 25.

Ages 3+

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You'll get to enjoy:

  • a Christmas leaf boat parade in the park
  • Bear's creative kitty Christmas carols
  • lighting of the menorah with Mrs. Klein
  • window shopping with Mr. Bhachu
  • jumping over the solstice "fire" with the Socolovs
  • an evening carriage ride with Granny and Gramps
  • and of course so many Good-Deed-a-Day missions with her best friends Morgan, Juan Paco (and new friends Roman and Misty!)
  • and more!
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When can we jump in and start listening?

Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club is now streaming site and app. Listen to the whole collection here.

The entire collection is in the Sparkle Store as well! You can buy or gift the entire collection any time.

Listen to "This Year's Tradition"

You can listen to the introductory story now! It's called "This Year's Tradition." Listen to the introductory story on our website. Or enjoy it below.

This Year's Tradition

This Year's Tradition

Heads Up: This story will leave listeners wanting to hear more!

PLUS: A Free Libby & Dish PRINTABLE Advent Calendar!

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We couldn't resist creating a printable paper Calendar to go with Libby & Dish's December holiday stories!

Each of the 25 little doors hides a clue to the matching story in Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-A-Day Club - so you can listen and open a door each day from December 1st to the 25th!

Download the Printable here.

"Can I give Libby & Dish's December Holiday Calendar as a Gift?"

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Yes! Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-A-Day Club collection is available for gifting NOW in the Sparkle Store.

Or, just give your friends and family the gift of a one-month Sparkle Subscription for the month of December.

They'll be able to enjoy all of our many Christmas and Advent stories at the same time!


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Did you know you can gift anything in the Sparkle Store?

We have everything from 3-story Collections to 52-story Series. You'll find more stories for Christmas, Advent, Winter and beyond!

Visit the Sparkle Store.


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FAQ for Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club

Are the stories religious?

In this collection, we wanted to create a delightful exploration of December celebrations across religions and cultures.

These stories include references to not only Christmas but Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Winter solstice, as well as the many different ways that different cultures celebrate all of them. There is reference to Christ's birth in one story, and a reference to the 'rededicating of the temple' in the Hanukkah story, as well as a celebration of culture in the Kwanzaa story.

The primary focus of these stories is on helping others during a potentially busy, overwhelming and self-focused time of year.


How long are the stories?

The 25 stories are between 10 and 20 minutes each - totaling over six full hours of content.


Can we download these stories?

Yes! You can purchase the entire collection in the Sparkle Store!

All 25 stories are available for streaming on the website.


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We have over 100 stories just for the December holidays! This includes five Audio Advent Calendars and multiple Christmas collections, plus stories for Hanukkah and Kwanza.




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