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Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week One

Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week One

Welcome to the first week of the Castlechanter Fairy Advent Calendar! We are so delighted you chose to join us. Every day for the next four weeks, we will be sharing crafts and recipes from our Sparkle Archives that are similar to the ones in the advent calendar. If you make any of them, please share on Facebook and Instagram!

Let’s get started!

Day One:

These breakfast tarts aren’t quite the Icelandic oatmeal mentioned in the story, but they are similar and delicious. Swap the greek yogurt in our recipe with skyr for a more authentic taste!

granola berry breakfast tart 12 || martin & sylvia's nature school
Granola Berry Breakfast Tarts

Find the recipe HERE

Day Two:

Stitch has a pile of sticks — what is he building? Here are two fun stick projects for you to try too.

Making a Stick Friend

Find the tutorial HERE

personalized hiking stick 17 || martin & sylvia
Personalized Hiking Stick

Find the Tutorial HERE

Day Three:

In today’s story, our characters go sledding through leaves. While we don’t have a leaf sledding tutorial, we do have a fun craft to preserve beautiful leaves you might find!

blog-nature school project waxed leaf banner-800 -532-128KB-jpg
Waxed Leaf Banner

Find the tutorial HERE

Day Four:

Toward the end of today’s story, the first snow falls. If your child doesn’t instinctively love cold and snowy weather, you can read our guide to helping your child get out and love the cold!

Raising Kids Who Love Winter
Raising Kids Who Love Winter

Find the tutorial HERE

Day Five:

While eating snowflakes can be fun for a little bit, they definitely won’t fill hungry bellies at snack time. These Sparkle Kitchen recipes, on the other hand, offer great ways to snack on “snowflakes.”

Cinnamon Honey Snowflakes 1 meryl
Cinnamon Honey Snowflakes

Find the recipe HERE

ginger snow track cookies 8 || junkyard tales: all together now
Ginger Snow Track Cookies

Find the recipe HERE

maple syrup candy meryl 5
Maple Syrup Candy

Find the recipe HERE

Day Six:

Oscar remembers his success in baking muffins for parent day at school. You can try your hand at these muffins and see if you feel as proud as Oscar did!

lemon ginger chia muffins 6 || the willowbee tree
Lemon Ginger Chia Muffins

Find the recipe HERE

Day Seven:


Take a break and just enjoy the story!

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