Friday's Kind Words: Rhythm in Our Days

Friday's Kind Words: Rhythm in Our Days

"Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to share how grateful I am as a mom for all the Sparkle Stories. I have recently weaned my child off of the screen and having Sparkle Stories has been so helpful. One thing I am pleasantly surprised about is how much I enjoy the stories, how much I learn as mom about how to create rhythm in our days, or how I can speak to my child while we are in nature, recreate activities we hear in Martin & Sylvia's Nature School or learn new ways to create festival rituals.

I am so looking forward to moving through the seasons and years with Martin & Sylvia and Libby & Dish (my son is four years old now), and into the older years with the series that are for older kids. Thank you, thank you for putting these stories online. I'm also having inspiration for how I could share my own stories and create more age-appropriate stories for girls that help give them a foundation for their menstrual cycle :)"

~ Lauren (mom) and August (age 4)

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