Friday's Kind Words: Gift of Story

Friday's Kind Words: Gift of Story

"We've been listening to Sparkle Stories on and off (mostly on) since around 2013, when my daughter was five. The stories feel like a part of our family - during times we could only afford the free podcast, and when we passed out the cards with free stories on Halloween, made a Junkyard Tales Advent Calendar, tried doing the Halloween play in our house, or baked items and made crafts based on the stories. I have an 8 year old son now who finds Sparkle Stories a great comfort before bed (especially Martin and Sylvia - thanks for adding more! - and Sparkle Sleepytime).

My now 14 year old still enjoys occasionally revisiting So Many Fairies, Junkyard Tales and more when she is having trouble settling for the night, and she sometimes joins us to listen to a story together. We all have so appreciated this touchstone over the years. Although I'll admit that I often fall asleep now during some of the stories (exhausted mama here), some of the Libby and Dish and Castlechanter episodes have kept us on the edge of our seats and jumping into a second story on the spot! And oh, the holiday series are so special to us as well, and fun to revisit each year. Thanks so much for the gift of story!"

~ Nicola Allen

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