Friday's Kind Words: Make Sense of the World

Friday's Kind Words: Make Sense of the World

"We’ve been sparklers for years and have loved listening from day one but I’ve never taken the time to send a note until now. Our youngest son died when our boys were very young, and Sparkle Stories was the gentle hug we all needed in those early, dark days. Because of our tragedy, we chose to homeschool and my boys grew up with Martin and Sylvia and I felt less alone in the world. The stories were the perfect solution for sensitive kiddos trying to make sense of the world. I miss my days of Junkyard Tales and Martin and Sylvia. Fast forward to preteen, pandemic times (and in Canada we are still in the thick of it) and the How to Be Super series have carried us through. We’ve spent many hours in the car, eating ice cream & driving nowhere, listening. I know my boys can identify with so many of the feelings Dante, Selena, Lance and Manny wrestle with and it’s been a godsend for us. So thank you from the bottom of my very pandemic fatigued heart. We are so grateful."

~ Adrianne

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