Friday's Kind Words: Soothed by Something Familiar

Friday's Kind Words: Soothed by Something Familiar

"My oldest kiddo, 13, has been listening to Sparkle Stories since they were three. They've been a thing in the car to and from school, trips, during quiet time at home...just a soothing background. Anyway, my child has scoliosis, and despite trying all the interventions that were suggested by her doctor and other support professionals, they ended up having to have surgery, which was a roller coaster itself due to the pandemic. We finally were able to travel for surgery, and had a few days of hospital stay. We had all the suggested things packed - games, books, devices, movies in the room, but post-surgery they were in such pain and under a haze of medications, they weren't able to enjoy any of the usual distractions. Trying to find something to soothe them, I suggested a story. It had an immediate effect. You could see their body relax. Even drift in and out of sleep, comforted by the familiar voice telling gentle stories. I've always loved and been grateful for David and the team's stories, but after this trying experience, I reached a new level of gratitude, that my kiddo could be so soothed by something familiar during such a scary and rough time. Thank you for all you do, it matters!"

~ Gillian Hadden

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