friday's kind words

friday's kind words

"Hi! We are long-time Sparkle Stories lovers. We’ve had a subscription since my now 12-year-old was only seven years old. I have five kids (ages 2-12) and they’ve all loved so many of the stories! Right now, though, my four-year-old (Maggie) is obsessed. She listens to at least four or five stories a day — often in the car, but she also asks for them when we’re at home and will sit on the couch and listen. Also, we are moving to a new house and I call it my “Sparkle Babysitter” because it keeps her calm when we’re doing long house repair projects. In addition, my eight-year-old sometimes has a hard time falling asleep, and lately it’s only the Sleepytime stories that get him calm enough to actually succumb to sleep. Each year around Thanksgiving, we do a “thankful pumpkin” where we write all the things we’re thankful for down using a sharpie on a small pumpkin. The first thing out of Maggie’s mouth was “Martin & Sylvia.” I just wanted to share and say thank you for the stories and all the great lessons they are learning by listening." ~ Lori Kraemer (Thetford, VT)

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