friday's kind words

December 13, 2019
friday's kind words

"We are so grateful for the stories and content you bring to our family. This week I took a group of kindergarteners on a field trip to a farm. It was a long drive for them. So, naturally I turned to Sparkle Stories to help them recenter themselves and relax on the journey home. We listened to the story, “The Orchardman and the Scarecrow.” You could hear a pin drop in my car with the seats full of wiggly, tired, excited, and hungry five year olds. It was amazing and really special. And of course when they found out it was the scarecrows a few of them shouted, “I knew it!”

For the month of November we are creating a gratitude garland. We take a walk through our neighborhood to gather items to decorate a garland near our dining table. Then each night we all write down something we are grateful for that day and pin it up. By Thanksgiving it is an impressive collection. This year I think we will read them on Thanksgiving as a way to reflect."


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