friday's kind words

friday's kind words

Sparkle Stories were recommended to us a few years ago and our entire family absolutely loves the Martin & Sylvia series. There's nothing quite as cute as my two-year-old son requesting "parkle tory" in the car whenever we are going anywhere. We listen to Martin & Sylvia in the car, before bedtime, and sometimes while we are just sitting around the house.

Today we went to cut down our Christmas tree. We had recently listened to the story of Martin & Sylvia "Getting Their Tree" and my daughter asked if we could please go to pick and cut ours down this year like Martin and Sylvia. We headed up the hill about 30 minutes from our house here in Northern California to a tree farm where you could cut down your own tree. We of course listened to that episode on the way up. When we got to the tree farm, my daughter announced that she wanted to go off and explore a little bit on her own if that was okay, like Martin did. I told her of course and off they went (my two-year-old doesn't leave his sister's side often).

On the way home it occurred to me how influential Martin and Sylvia have become for our entire family. We do so many of the wonderful and fun things they do in the stories. For example, we built fairy houses this summer and pressed leaves in wax paper this fall. We also all frequently find ourselves singing the song from the "Friend Cake" episode.

Martin and Sylvia have become, in a way, friends to my children. My kids have several friends of course, but I think there's something special about their friendship with Martin and Sylvia. It made me smile thinking about this because Martin and Sylvia are exactly the kinds of friends I would love to have in my children's lives. They are smart, curious, kind, and they love adventure. It's so fun that as a family we have all grown to know Martin, Sylvia and their family and friends through the amazing storytelling of David. We are forever grateful to have been introduced to your beautiful stories.

Thank you for all that you do!

The Lochridge Family

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