friday's kind words

April 24, 2020
friday's kind words

First, I wanted to send a general thanks for Sparkle Stories and all that you do. I have two boys — now ages 8 and 11. We have been listening to Sparkle Stories since my oldest was younger than Sylvia. ️They have grown up (and continue to grow) on these stories and they really are a part of our lives. I’m so grateful for that. Second, I wanted to say a specific thank you for the new Ella & Ollie series. Ollie happens to be the name of my youngest son — so he is especially excited about this series — another homeschooled boy about his age who moves to the country (a move we made a couple years ago). As we listened to the first story last night and they both realized that the family was moving in next door to Martin & Sylvia, both boys lit up. It was really cool. They love the cross-over stories. The story where Sylvia meets Zippy in the Junkyard is a favorite around here — which brings me to the idea my boys had. They have long talked about wanting to hear that same story from the point of view of the Junkyard animals.
Keep up the ever amazing work. Nisa (and Keaton & Ollie)

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