Friday's Kind Words

July 5, 2019
Friday's Kind Words

My son has been listening to Sparkle Stories since 2012 and even now at age eight he still loves them. He really enjoys listening to the lovely stories in the background while busy playing Legos or other toys. We travel a lot and for long plane, train, and automobile rides these stories are wonderful. Instead of watching movies, he happily listens and enjoys the view from the window. We as parents do not mind the stories as the voice and stories are pleasant even for us to listen to for long periods of time. It is my go-to when I have a group of children that need to calm down and sit quietly. I love the subtle positive parenting messages you get from the way the family interacts in the stories. I also love the way you can search the app and find stories about a wide variety of topics (religion, bullying, fear, etc.) so you can pick and choose an appropriate story relevant to the child's life and experience. I cannot say enough about how much we love them and always recommend the stories to other parents we meet. Keep up the good work.

~ Deanna


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