Friday's Kind Words

July 12, 2019
Friday's Kind Words

Sparkle was a huge help to my little ones as they made the switch from home-ed to a little school. The teaching assistant in my daughter’s class is a lovely, kind man who nonetheless keeps everyone firmly in line with the rules! My daughter described him delightedly in her first week as being “just like Sergeant, with a dash of Spiro. He makes me feel really safe, but he’s fun too.” Thanks to him, she braved swimming lessons in the deep end of the pool for the first time and joined a girl’s football team — which he apparently referees “just like Sergeant would!” It’s been so lovely and helpful to have this common frame of Sparkle reference, because she (and her brother) are now away from me some of the time meeting new people and having new experiences — which they often describe in “Sparkle-speak”.

~ Jessica UK


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