friday's kind words

friday's kind words

THANK YOU! In lieu of our five-year-old daughter's school community these past six months, she has had Martin and Sylvia, the Willowbee siblings, and the Junkyard critters. We are just not sure what we would have done without your thoughtful and healing stories. From the bottom of our weary Covid hearts, simply — thank you!
A neighbor asked me, "How are you holding up?" My reply was, "I'm out of words!" I am a Waldorf Teacher to a wonderful class of seventh-graders in California. I should have a lot of words to say! I am exasperated — the whole world is exasperated! My daughter sees it, too. We did our best to keep the franticness of our work out of our house for so long. Now she sees us on these soul-sucking machines each day. She is getting so little quality attention from us. I worry about her and all children, AND I don't. She is filled with joy and love each day. She is resilient and strong. She and ALL children are in-the-making of living in this world in a wholly (holy) different way. Your stories are crafted in the most brilliant ways, giving her connection and a framework to bravely adjust and grow.

With deep gratitude, Katy Larson and Brian Bare

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