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Here's What's Coming in 2020!

Here's What's Coming in 2020!

New year, new content here at Sparkle!

We have not one, not two, but three new series launching this year — some with new characters, some with old. Let’s start with the siblings you know and love —


Martin & Sylvia: New Neighbors When Martin and Sylvia’s neighbors announce that they are moving, a whole world of questions come up for brother and sister. What will their neighbors’ new home be like? Will there be enough room for their boisterous dog Rufus? And who will move into their old house? As the changes come to pass, brother and sister discover how much fun can be had with both old and new friends — particularly ones who are just a little older and appreciate tall trees, the local library, and homeschooling just as much as they do.

Get to know Ella & Ollie — Martin & Sylvia’s new, older neighbors. You’ll be seeing them in their own series very soon.

And now for our new friends!


Mrs. Castlechanter’s Magic Cabinet Oscar and Aliyah both have a case of the nerves as they start the school year as new students in their first-grade class at Hillfort Elementary. On their first day at school, they end up lost in the hallways and find themselves in the Art Room. Neither of them anticipates the sparkling land and magical beings living in the art teacher’s cabinet, nor how the friendship with these fairies will brighten and inspire their entire school year. Click here to listen to the new theme!


The Dory Horde Meet the Dory Horde — the five unusually-gifted children of the Dory family. When their eccentric treasure-hunting grandfather dies, they learn from his will that he has designed one final quest for those who will inherit his wealth. Will the Dory Horde find the treasure? Or will one of their unpleasant cousins get the job done? Join them for an adventure across land and sea as they seek the strange inheritance their grandfather has bequeathed.

We hope you're as excited as we are for these series! There's lots of fun to be had and new characters to meet in Sparkleland during 2020.

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