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Is the How To Be Super Summer Camp right for your child?

June 8, 2018
Is the How To Be Super Summer Camp right for your child?

Summer Camp starts in exactly two weeks! Are you trying to figure out if it's right for your child or children? Then let me say more about it.

First of all, we're pulling the very best content from our years of telling superhero stories, as well as our combined years as teachers, and curating it into eight weeks of rich and inspiring (and fun!) summer experiences.

Second, this camp is better than the online courses we've taken ourselves; the trainings are clearly presented, the printable material is lovely and fun, and oh the learning! The learning is unparalleled!

Third, this is going to be so much fun! The content is geared for delightful engagement, and the practice exercises are dynamic and playful. Children will spend minimal time on their computer and maximum time in their life. The trainers are a bright and dynamic bunch, and are hopping to get going! (There's a separate email headed your way to introduce them all.) We can almost guarantee your kids will be begging for the next training each week.

We've popped the most frequently asked questions below, so you can have a look to see if this camp is right for your child.

Registration closes June 16th at 5 pm CST - and you can sign up on our Sparkle Summer Camp Website. Do join us!

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### Summer Camp FAQ

QUESTIONS ABOUT The Practical Details

  • When does the camp start and finish? The How To Be Super Summer Camp starts on June 18, 2018 and runs to August 9th.

  • What if we can't do it this summer? If you can't make this 2018 Camp, don't worry! We'll be hosting it again in 2019.

  • How long do I have access to the course? How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the camp content for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • What is the time commitment for this camp? There are two videos each week, each roughly 5-7 minutes apiece. There are two practice assignments each week, which we estimate could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half or longer, depending on the child and the exercise. The stories themselves offer over 10 hours of content. The inspiration, however, will infuse all 8 weeks!

  • What if we miss a week of the camp? You can do this camp at your own pace. Once the course launches, the content will be "dripped" out week by week. Once it's made public, it will be available to you indefinitely, so if you miss a week - no worries! You can catch up before moving on. We do host live video trainings, however even those will be available for viewing after they air.

  • What age is the camp for? Ages six and up. We offer "advanced practices" for older children, marked for nine and up.

  • What is the difference between the three camp offerings? All three camps have the same content, but the Training Plus and Master Class offer support from and connection with David and the Trainers. The Training Plus offers wonderful forums for conversation plus multiple live events. The Master Class contains the same, but is a small cohort that works directly with David. See the Camp Website for more details.


QUESTIONS ABOUT Children's Learning & Abilities

  • What will my child learn in this camp? In this 8-week online summer camp, your children will discover their superpowers, learn how to strengthen them, and most importantly, come to understand how to use them to help others.

  • Our lessons cover important life lessons such as how to: develop resilience "show up" in all aspects of life strengthen empathy and compassion discover the power of honesty and authenticity find strength in humility value "mistakes" and challenges and to lead by example. This camp includes some of our very best content for children, crafted into a marvelous, inspiring experience!

  • Can my child do this course completely on her own? Your child can watch the videos and complete the practice worksheets & projects on her own, however we recommend parent overview of the child's participation in the course. Some of the exercises ask the child to be introspective and self-aware, in ways that may be new to them. Children may want or need parent-engagement in this process. Additionally there are "walks" and adventures that will need family-appropriate boundary & limit setting. Lastly there will be practice worksheets to print and supplies to gather, which will may necessitate parent support.

  • Will my child need to read & write in order to participate in the camp? Not at all. This camp is a combination of videos, practice worksheets and a live "training." The worksheets can be completed with writing or drawing or both. As long as parents or caregivers are willing to read instructions out loud, you'll be set!

I'm Ready! Sign Us Up!

Just visit the Sparkle Camp Website! You'll see all three of our Camp offerings listed.


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QUESTIONS ABOUT The How To Be Super Stories

  • Where did you get the idea for this camp? The camp is inspired by the How To Be Super: Violet Crown story collection, in which a 12 year old boy from Austin TX discovers that he is one of 5 initiates into a secretive band of superheroes. Over the 20 stories, he undergoes superhero training, learning the four-step Prime Power Protocol. It is this training that we are bringing to life children ages 6-12 in the How To Be Super Summer Camp!
  • The How To Be Super stories are marked as 9+ but the camp is for 6+. How does that work? The How To Be Super stories are marked as 9+ due to the complicated storylines as well as some of the content. However, families expressed a desire to have their younger children participate in the camp, so we expanded the age range. (Also many families with younger children have enjoyed the stories.) For children under 9, parents and caregivers will want to review the content to ensure the content is appropriate for your children and family culture. Children can enjoy and fully engage in the How to Be Super Summer Camp without listening to the stories.
  • Does my child need to have listened to the How To Be Super: Violet Crown stories before starting camp? A download of the How To Be Super: Violet Crown collection is included with the camp content, and all campers are invited to listen as we go along. Throughout the camp, the trainers reference key moments in the stories for context and as examples. That being said, the How To Be Super collections are marked as 9+ due to the complicated storylines as well as some of the content. For children under 9, parents and caregivers will want to review the content to ensure the content is appropriate for your children. Children can enjoy and fully engage in the How to Be Super Summer Camp without listening to the stories.

QUESTIONS ABOUT Registration, Discounts & Refunds

  • Can two or more children take the How To Be Super camp under one registration? Absolutely! With the Basic Camp option, you can invite your whole family to participate. You can print as many practice sheets as you'd like and share the videos. Because parents help children direct and track this camp, as many family members as you'd like can join in. We only ask that you share the camp content with your own family, and not with others.

    For the Training Plus and Master Class levels of the camp, one registration is for a single child. This camp level is build for interaction with the campers; trainers will be supporting children in their practice, discovery and development over the eight weeks. Our registration is limited so that they can receive personalized attention over the duration of the course. If you'd like for all of your children to participate under one sign-up, then the Basic Camp is for you!

  • Is there a sibling discount for the Training Plus or Master Class camps? Yes, we can offer 20% sibling discount for those two camps. Email us for details:

  • I'd like to move my child from the Basic course to the Training Plus. Is that possible? As long as there's room in a course, we are happy to make the switch for you! Just email us for details:

  • What if I am unhappy with the course? We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days after the start of camp and we will give you a full refund.



Let's Go To Camp!

Think this is the perfect match for your child? Let's get you registered! Visit the Summer Camp website and pick the camp option that's best for you.

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