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Meet the Dory Horde

Meet the Dory Horde

Our newest Dory Horde adventure is about to launch! The Dory Horde: The City of Eight (Book Three) begins April 26!

This new collection includes complex story lines and intricate family relationships — plus the narrative jumps episodically between different locations and characters.

Here's a quick guide to everyone in the collection to help you keep track of the players and their adventures!

Meet the Dory Kids


Tagish (Tag) Dory. (boy, age 17) Sensitive to metals like his grandfather. Interested in physics and engineering. Don’t let him near your hard drive.


Colum Dory. (girl, age 16) Fabulous sense of direction. Hankers for travel and action. Won’t take “no” for an answer. A natural leader but somewhat impulsive.


Tahoe Dory. (girl, age 13) Likes quiet and staying home. A tender soul. Communicates over brain waves. Empathic to a fault. Keeps an eye out for her younger sister.


Cochiti (Coach) Dory. (boy, age 10) Particularly bouncy. Naturally gifted athlete. Finds wisdom through movement. Sometimes forgets to fuel his body. Happiest when in motion. Naturally gifted athlete. Sometimes forgets to fuel his body. Happiest when in motion.


Sesquile (Sessi) Dory. (girl, age 7) Rock solid memory. Can understand human and non-human language. Likes a good story. You never know what she’ll say.

Meet some players from The Gilded Dragon:

Blog-Dory-Horde-Family-part-one-700 in 1200-525-jpg

Aurora Dory. Mother to five. Daddy’s girl at heart. Special healing powers of touch. Vulnerable to the same sickness as her father.

Solomon Dory. Grandfather extraordinaire. Sensitive to metals. Fabulously rich due to exploitation of metal sensitivity.

Aion Dory. Uncle to the Dory kids. Younger brother to Aurora and Apollo. Wealthy corporate lawyer in Chicago. Convincing, in an uncomfortable way.

Apollo Dory. Another uncle to the Dory kids. Older brother to Aurora. Husband to Diane. Father to Alister. Scholar who worked for his dad. Has some resentment issues.

Meet some players from Dawn of the Jaguar:

Blog-Dory-Horde-Family-part-two-700 in 1200-525-jpg

Grandmother Dory (aka Maria). Mother to Aurora, Aion, and Apollo. Archeologist with a bent toward anthropology. Disappeared when Aurora was six years old and presumed dead.

Great Uncle (aka Elfie). Brother to Grandmother Dory. An artist living in the Peruvian mountains. Dedicated his work and life to finding his sister. Somewhat eccentric and definitely endearing.

Cousin Bennu. Daughter to Great Uncle (technically, she is the Dorys’ first cousin once removed). Egyptian mineralogist doing some research on the Mayan pyramids. Finds her father endearing and eccentric. On the brink of a powerful theory but in need of serious help.

Cousin Alister. Nineteen-year-old son to Diane and Apollo. Hungry for power. Somewhat neglected as a child. A real energy hog. Angry and … perhaps misunderstood?

Renzo. A young Peruvian photographer. Professional plans to head north to Lima. Intersects with the Dory Horde and joins them out of curiosity.

Meet some players from The City of Eight:

Dory Horde 3 Graphic

Theo. Father to the five, divorced from Aurora several years earlier. A loving dad, but mysterious and somehow distant — and with a secret family history.

Salvador. Husband to Aiko, both archaeological researchers in Peru. They have meshed so fully with the Dory family that they're viewed as part of one big family together.

Dr. Carmen Gonzalez. Colleague to Bennu and fellow academic. Smart, curious, hard-working archeology professor. Fluent in Spanish. Vast knowledge of Egyptian mythology.

Ali Zaki. Estranged uncle to Theo. Living in Egypt. Wealthy and ruthless. Will do anything to possess the powers he seeks.

Listen to the very first Dory Horde story for free!

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