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New Sparkle THEME Music, and the Very First Sparkler (Who Created It)

New Sparkle THEME Music, and the Very First Sparkler (Who Created It)

Meet Angus.

Angus was the very first Sparkler.

And yes, you guessed it, he's our seventeen-year-old son!  

When Sparkle Stories was just a "twinkle in our eyes," Angus was the original audience for David's delightful bedtime stories (Martin & Sylvia and Junkyard Tales). David always knew he had done well when Angus would sigh, lean back, and say, "Daddy, that was a good story."

These days Angus is the Sparkle Composer, as well as audio editor. He's been crafting our musical intros since 2016. You know your favorite themes — Windward Ho! and Libby & Dish and How To Be Super? Those are all his.  

Now he's recreated our Sparkle Theme Music — and we are beyond thrilled.

It has just the right mix of delight and playfulness, representing Sparkle perfectly. (Thanks to Austin musicians Tim Keough and Audrey Reese too!)  

Soon you'll be hearing the new theme pop up in new and old stories alike. We wanted to give you the heads up, so you know that it's intentional.

Would you like to hear the new theme? Listen to a sample below! We hope you enjoy it.

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