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Printable Holiday Postcards: "It's a Martian Holiday!" Advent Activities

Printable Holiday Postcards: "It's a Martian Holiday!" Advent Activities

Our newest audio Advent Calendar is here, along with printable holiday postcards to go along!

In each of the twenty-five stories of It's a Martian Holiday!, Johnny Boy writes a postcard with a drawing to share with all of his podcast listeners. We've got all twenty-five postcards ready for you to download, print, and share.

Your kids can enjoy reading and coloring them each day from December 1-25. And if they want to participate even more fully, Johnny Boy invites your kids to write a postcard back to him!

You can find all the postcards here!

More About It’s a Martian Holiday!

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In It’s a Martian Holiday!, Johnny boy learns that earth-dwellers have many rich winter holiday traditions - but did you know that Martians have a winter holiday too? Coached by his trusty pet X, Johnny Boy Nebraska —our favorite Earth-based Martian — dives deep into the thrilling details of holidays on Mars, Earth, and the home planets of other Celestials. Who is Dustin Digger and why is he covered with red dust? What kinds of Christmas cookies will Betty Nebraska make next? And what in the world is that sound coming from the Plejarens house? Listen to Johnny Boy’s podcast and join a holiday extravaganza that is out of this world!

You can find all of the stories here.

How to Use the Printable Holiday Postcards

Blog Post It-s A Martian Holiday Postcards1200 X 525
  • Print these postcards on 8.5x11 cardstock. You can print at home or send out to be printed. Be sure to print double-sided!

  • Cut the 8.5x11 sheets in half.

  • Share with your Sparkler, and include crayons or colored pencils so they can color and embellish them.

  • Invite your Sparklers to create their own!


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Here is a helpful reminder of those postcard instructions, right from Johnny’s pet X!

Greetings, Earthlings. Allow me to explain the instructions for sending postcards to Johnny Boy and friend Alison. There are four steps. The following are those four steps:

  • Step 1: Draw or write your postcard. That is the first step.
  • Step 2: Take a picture of your postcard. This picture must be electronic, and so you may need to ask your parent or guardian or robot dog to take the picture for you using their phone or X-32 Oculator
  • Step 3: Compose an email addressed to:
  • Step 4: Attach your electronic photo of your postcard to the email and send it along.

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