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Stories for Kids about Love & Commitment: New Libby & Dish Collection Coming Soon

Stories for Kids about Love & Commitment: New Libby & Dish Collection Coming Soon
A new Libby & Dish adventure is almost here!

During this time of year, themes of love and commitment abound. As adults, we know that we must explore these topics for ourselves in our own ways. We can look back on the lifetime of lessons we’ve learned through finding new love, losing a partner, or rekindling a long-lost friendship. It can be easy to forget that many of these lessons began when we were children — welcoming a baby sibling, missing a friend who moved to a different school, making friends with new neighborhood kids. These learning opportunities are just as important for children as they are for adults. Valentine’s Day gives us the chance to encourage these lessons in ways that are both authentic and age-appropriate — through storytelling!

Our upcoming Libby & Dish collection is a tale for kids about love and commitment. In this new collection, Libby’s dear Aunt Cecily is getting married. Cecily has always done things her own way, and this event will be no different — including the extension of the wedding invitation to Libby’s cat. Once Dish finally agrees to step into the cat carrier, their marvelous adventure begins.

Our Sparkle Family knows that not only are Sparkle stories fun and engaging, but each Sparkle story also contains a small seed of learning. Sparkle stories teach kids how to be kind to others, how to be respectful in thought, word, and deed, and how to live in wonder and reverence for this truly incredible world.

We are thrilled to present this new collection — launching just in time for Valentine’s Day! In Aunt Cecily’s Wedding, Libby and Dish learn more about courage, friendship, love, and family as the two friends journey together. Listen to these new stories for kids about love and commitment starting February 12!

Haven’t tried the Libby & Dish series yet? Listen to the first story below!

Introduction Part One: Something's Going On

Introduction Part One: Something's Going On

Kind Words from a Fellow Sparkler about Libby & Dish:

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your beautiful stories. I’m a mama of three and a Waldorf teacher. In this age of screens and media bombardment, it can be challenging for parents to find sources of “entertainment” that are healthy in language, content, and also truly nourishing for children.

I find that the pacing of the stories, the tone of the narrator, and the overall content and story thread are just that — nourishing the “head, heart, and hands” of children.

My middle child (who has really struggled with sensory issues) particularly enjoys the Libby & Dish series. I can see that listening to the challenges and also the inner dialogue that is presented in these stories impacts her in a really deep way. She often has difficulty expressing emotion in a healthy way and the interactions between Libby, Dish, and the others really give voice to the experience of a sensitive child.

She will often request to hear these stories when she is needing a moment to recenter and reintegrate after periods of sensory overload. During these times she makes the most incredible drawings and this morning she brought me a sweet little drawing of Dish and Bear (please see below).

So, again — thank you. You are really giving a gift to children and families by offering your stories to the world.

Warmly, Sonja

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