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Immerse yourself in thematic storytelling with Storybox Playlist. Explore curated collections of stories that fit into a specific theme or mood, offering endless inspiration and entertainment.

Storybox Playlist: Stories About Each Fairy Type

Do you believe in fairies? Earth, Water, Air, and Fire — our answer is a definite YES! Read through our primer below to learn more about each fairy type and take a deep dive into fairyland with our curated Storybox Playlist!

Storybox Playlist: The Fairy Favorites

Fairies can be found all around us — hidden in plain sight. Can you see them? Dive into our playlist full of fairy favorites and practice noticing the work of the fairy folk in our midst.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Show You Your Own Strength

Did you know that you are powerful? You have more strength than you know! Listen in on our best collection of stories to inspire kids to know their strengths.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Help You Choose Happiness

Sometimes it's easy to be happy, but on some other days, you need to consciously choose happiness. Want to listen to some examples? Here are a few stories about choosing to find happiness when things aren't going your way.

Storybox Playlist: Stories About Trusting Life

What if life has messages and lessons for us? What if we just needed to learn to trust what we hear? Here are four stories to inspire you to try.

Storybox Playlist: Stories About Trusting Yourself

What can we do to help our children hear their own quiet inner voice and trust themselves? These five stories can help.

Storybox Playlist: Stories for Creating a Marvelous Life

Stories shape the people we become: how we think, feel and and act. So when it comes to caring for our kiddos, let's pick kind and gentle stories. That's what we've done for you here, in this thoughtfully-curated playlist of stories for creating a marvelous life. Settle into these gems and soak up the good vibes!

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Crafting & Creating

The best holidays include some form of crafting. But how do we get holiday projects going when lives are busy? We find inspiration — in stories! So queue up this playlist and let Sparkle Stories draw you into the making mood. You'll be glad you did!

Storybox Playlist: Stories that Make you Want to Give!

A little helping hand for a stranger. A moment of caring in a crisis. Words of appreciation to a friend. A gift for a neighbor. These have the power to change the world! Here are our best stories about small kindnesses, to inspire your own.

Storybox Playlist: Thanksgiving Favorites!

Hooray for the pumpkin pie! Let's get ready for all the fun that comes with Thanksgiving. This giant playlist includes your all-time Thanksgiving favorites, plus some quieter stories of gratitude. Let the holiday season begin!

Storybox Playlist: Stories About How Much We Love Food

Who's hungry? At Sparkle, that's us most of the time — especially after listening to the mouthwatering concoctions our favorite characters cook up in their stories. Dig into this playlist to whet your appetite, and just as your tummy starts to rumble, head to the kitchen to test out one of our classic recipes. Bon appetit!

Storybox Playlist: Celebrating Our Grandparents & Elders

The longer you live, the more stories you hold in your heart — and we here at Sparkle are all about stories! So let's spend some time honoring the grandparents and elders in our lives. Pretty soon, you'll be inspired to ask questions and hear those magical words, "When I was young..."

Storybox Playlist: Celebrating Martinmas

The days are slowly growing shorter and the nights growing darker. Our bodies and hearts turn inward toward coziness and warmth, and we mark a shift in the sense of the seasons with one special day: Martinmas. Will you join us?

Storybox Playlist: Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!

Is there anything more magical than putting on a piece of clothing ... and suddenly becoming a completely new person?Soak up inspiration and delight as you listen to our stories about the joy of costumes.

Storybox Playlist: Finding Joy in Change

Change! It comes with the territory in parenting — and in simply being human! Settle in for a moment and listen to our stories about embracing change and transforming it into everyday wonder.

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Spontaneous Fun

Who doesn't like a bit of unexpected delight? Slide into our playlist full of silliness and surprise — and take some ideas along with you!

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Queens and Kings, Princesses and Princes

Who would like to be royalty for a day? We invite you into our royal treasury of stories and uncover your inner queen or king. All hail to the crown!

Storybox Playlist: You are UNIQUE!

This week’s playlist is all about uniqueness — the ways in which we might feel self-conscious about ourselves and the ways in which we celebrate ourselves. We hope after hearing these stories you’ll spend a lot more time and energy celebrating your own uniqueness!

Homeschool Stories

We’ve gathered some of our best homeschooling stories for you to explore. We've got loads of them! In fact, most of our entire Martin & Sylvia series revolves around homeschooling and life learning. We hope you enjoy these darling stories — no matter what schooling path you are on!

Storybox Playlist: Stories for Summer's End Celebrations

As summer draws to an end, you can find joy and togetherness from the celebrations in these joyful stories. Let them inspire you!

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