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Every week we'll suggest a new Story Box Playlist with a theme -- and 4-5 stories to go along!

Storybox Playlist: Stories About All Kinds of Superheroes

Listen to these five stories that explore different ways of being super every day.

Storybox Playlist: Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Nine stories that prove everyday people can be truly super.

Stories to Help You Find Peace and Quiet

Start by taking a deep breath. Then press play.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Help Around the House

A little inspiration can go a long way in motivating your children to clean. These seven stories are just the encouragement they need.

Stories to Bring Motion to Emotion

Inspiration to get the body moving, even when you don’t want to.

Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Joy

Listen in as this fun cast of Sparkle characters inspires you to find joy throughout every day.

Sometimes You Just Need a Laugh Playlist

These 10 funny tales are sure to keep you and your children giggling throughout the day.

Storybox Playlist: Feel All the Feels

This playlist stars little kids with big feelings. Listen as they learn to accept, identify, and share them.

Loving Yourself Playlist

February may be the month to celebrate love, but are we remembering to include ourselves in that celebration? Dive into this storybox playlist for inspiration!

Storybox Playlist: Love Is in the Air!

These audio stories for little ears show the many ways love can be experienced.

Sparkle Tip: Travel Playlist

Make car rides more fun for your kids this winter in four easy steps.

Storybox: Best Playlist for Embracing the New Year

Our New Year seven-story collection supports positive thinking, using your imagination, and seeing the year ahead as an adventure.

Storybox Playlist: Inspire Creativity

It’s time to create! Let these five stories help get your kids psyched about organizing, exploring, and finding activities that spark their imaginations.

Storybox Playlist: Thanksgiving Travel Part 2

Offering 5+ hours of adventure stories of family fun, this Thanksgiving playlist will make your next car ride fun for any 3-6-year-old.

Storybox Playlist: Thanksgiving Travels

This year's Sparkle Stories Thanksgiving Travel Playlist is perfect for 3-6-year-olds and guaranteed to keep them entertained for both those long car rides and short trips.

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Simple Gratitude

We can find things every day to be grateful for — whether it's a hot breakfast, warm snow boots, a beautiful sunset, or even a wonderful laugh.

Storybox Playlist: Stories of Gratitude When Gathering Together

Thanksgiving — the time of year for gathering with your loved ones. You might cozy up for a small gathering of two or three people or throw the doors open for an enormous gathering of 20 or more. This playlist features a mix of stories that stoke our gratitude for whatever kind of gathering we may encounter.

Storybox Playlist: Veterans Day

These stories explore patriotism and honor the men and women in uniform.

Stories for Gentle Lessons and Confidence: A Partner Playlist

Have you ever wondered about other Sparkle parents’s go-to stories? Stephanie Johnson, creator of The Healing Movement Program for Kids (and a Sparkle Stories enthusiast herself) walks us through some of her own favorite stories and how they support her family and work! Read all about it below.

Tips for Screen-Free Travel with Kids

Buckle-up, my Sparkle family! It’s time for summer travels! School is over and summer travel plans are well underway, so we have been thinking about all the best ways to help you make it easy. I want to lay out all of my time and kid-tested favorite recommendations for easier travel with littles.

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