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A Note to our Android Users

A Note to our Android Users

We spend a lot of our time looking at how we can make the Sparkle experience the absolute best it can be. We brainstorm ideas for new stories, we send out a weekly newsletter chock full of ways to use our stories to brighten your days, and we work on ideas to make the whole experience easier and better for our subscribers.

We recently spent a great deal of our resources improving our website and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We rebuilt the Sparkle Stories website using powerful new tools and frameworks that drastically improve performance and reliability. It’s fast and it’s fabulous!

As an added bonus, the new site will ultimately help our free mobile apps run more efficiently and smoothly.

We’ve discovered that our free Android app, as it was originally built, no longer meets our standards. The deeper we’ve looked into it, the more we see we need to scrap it and start over so it will work beautifully with our new website and offer you the best experience possible.

We're still in the process of figuring it out, and trying to build the resources to do so - it turns out building a whole new app, which is what is required here, is wildly expensive and we are working on making it happen.

In the meantime, we suggest using our mobile website. We just rebuilt that and it's faster and more responsive than ever! You’ll find that it is just as simple to use the website on your mobile device as it is to use the app, with fewer frustrations.

If you miss the ease of launching your stories from your homescreen, we have a solution for that. You can easily create a Sparkle Stories bookmark using this tutorial.

If you have questions or need any help, email us at We are here for you!

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