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Sparkle Kitchen: Airplane Snack Boxes

Sparkle Kitchen: Airplane Snack Boxes

This week, to go along with our Summer Vacation theme, we are revisiting a Sparkle Kitchen classic: Airplane Snack Boxes.

In the Martin & Sylvia story “A Plane Trip,” Christmas is over, there’s snow on the ground, and it's COLD. What's a family to do? Daddy suggests they all go... to the beach.

"Daddy, are you being silly?" asks Sylvia. It turns out that Daddy isn't being silly at all—he has made plans for them all to travel to Florida to visit Granny! And this year, as Daddy tells them excitedly, they are taking an airplane.

Martin can't wait, but Sylvia hesitates. Long hours of sitting still don’t sound like fun for her. But when it's time, she is surprised at what sort of magic is possible in a ticket line, in an airport terminal, and on a plane ride.

As any parent who has traveled with children is — maybe painfully — aware, plane rides can be the opposite of fun. Long security lines, cramped seats, and sometimes hours of sitting still and being reasonably quiet — it can be hard.

But you know what can help? Some tasty snacks.

Beyond keeping everyone's blood glucose on an even keel, a well put together airplane snack box can also be a great way to pass some time as you're soaring through the air.

The trick is to make it special enough to be entertainment, without going crazy overboard with sugar.

To that end, when I'm trying to plan snacks for a plane trip, I first try to think in categories: savory, sweet, crunchy, chewy. Of course, the things that will impress your individual child will vary, but if you can generally hit those bases I've found that you can put together a snack box that's both exciting and well-rounded.

Second, I try to avoid liquids as much as I can. I know that some are allowable and some aren't, but, in my experience, it's just less hassle to leave them out.

Last, I always pack something special for myself, too. Lately, it's as simple as a thermos of herbal tea all ready to go, so that I can politely ask the flight attendant to just add hot water. Whatever makes you happy, bring that along. Because happy parents equal happier kids.
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Here are some airplane snack ideas to get you started packing!


Beef jerky or other cured meats

Individually wrapped cheese

Hummus and baby carrots

Roasted chickpeas

Cherry tomatoes

Beet chips


Chocolate dusted almonds

Pre-sliced pita with peanut butter

Chocolate chips

Mini muffins


Melon cubes

Instant oatmeal packets (add hot water on the plane)


Pumpkin seeds


Mini-rice cakes

Kale chips

Trail mix

Goldfish crackers




Granola bars

Dried fruit

Fig cookies


Fruit leather

Oatmeal cookies


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