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Sparkle Kitchen: Hummus – Middle Eastern Style!

Power your snacking with authentic Middle Eastern hummus as you keep up with the adventures of the Dory Horde on their Egyptian adventure.

Sparkle Kitchen: Cucumber Yogurt Salad (Khyar Bi Laban)

Give your tastebuds a City-of-Eight-inspired treat with this delicious Middle Eastern cucumber yogurt salad.

Recipe Round-up: 5 Snacks for Helpers (All Hands On Deck)

Staying fueled when you’re working hard is key to motivation and success.

Foods That Make You Smile: A Round-Up

Eight activities that actually encourage your kids to play with their food!

Celebrate Jólabókaflóðið with Modern Mrs. Darcy — plus Martin & Sylvia!

When Martin & Sylvia learn about an Icelandic Christmas tradition that involves books and chocolate, their creativity kicks in. We’ve teamed up with a special guest to bring you more about Jólabókaflóðið and how you may incorporate it into your own holiday festivities.

Sparkle Kitchen: Blueberry Buccellati

Buccellati are a traditional Christmas cookie from Sicily. A made-from-scratch cousin of Fig Newtons, these cookies are filled with a paste of figs, nuts, and spices, then cut into interesting shapes to expose their jewel-like filling.

Sparkle Kitchen: 4 Get Cozy Winter Recipes

I love all things Scandinavian and that includes the idea of hygge — the art of being cozy. This week I wanted inspire you all to get cozy as we get ready for the Winter Solstice and Christmas.

Sparkle Crafts: Gratitude Leaves

These Gratitude Leaves are a fun and easy way to practice the simple act of writing down on paper the things our whole family are grateful for.

Sparkle Stories Back to School Guide Printable

With school starting again, we've rounded up all of our best back-to-school content in one place. We’ve gathered some of our best stories along with helpful guides on how to use them for parents and teachers. You’ll also find some of our favorite back-to-school projects, recipes, and crafts.

The July Story Calendar Is Here!

In this free printable you will find a featured story for each week, a playlist of associated stories to dig deeper, and a special craft, tutorial, or recipe highlighted each week; PLUS a story script for you to read at home with your little ones (so you can try out all the voices and characters just like we do).

NEW Sparkle Guide to Easter Celebrations

We've gathered our favorite kid-friendly Easter recipes, crafts, and printable projects. Each project is linked to an original Sparkle Story. Explore them all.

Ideas for Waldorf-Inspired Easter Celebrations

Simple and meaningful ways for families to celebrate Easter and Springtime. Explore Waldorf-inspired activities, recipes, crafts, and stories for kids.

Martin & Sylvia’s Best Breakfasts Cookbook: 25 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes

Just in time for the holidays, we bring you a new free printable- Martin & Sylvia’s Best Breakfast Cookbook!

Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week One

Welcome to the first week of the Castlechanter Fairy Advent Calendar! We are so delighted you chose to join us. Every day for the next four weeks, we will be sharing crafts and recipes from our Sparkle Archives that are similar to the ones in the advent calendar.

Sparkle Holiday Extravaganza! All of Our Holiday Content in One Spot

Here in Sparkle Land, we love the holiday season. Since the very beginning of Sparkle we’ve been crafting and cooking for the holidays. That means we have A LOT of holiday content spread out through nine years’ worth of blog posts. We’ve rounded up everything right here into one master list of links.

Fuel Your Super Self: Nine Healthy Sparkle Meals

Eating good food is one of the best ways to make your superpowers shine through. Let's dig in!

THREE Sparkle Playdate Themes

Do your kids miss playdates with their friends? I know my kids do. Playdates were a regular thing for my eight- and ten-year-olds. We’ve been doing some thinking here at Sparkle and came up with an idea that might help: a Sparkle Stories playdate.

Nine Naturally Sweet Treats for Halloween (or anytime!)

This round-up is all about naturally sweet treats. These morsels use honey or dried fruit to sweeten them and are a perfect way to have sweets at Halloween that are delicious and nutritious. Best of all, they don't have to be relegated to Halloween — they are great any time of the year!

Halloween Round Up Extravaganza!

Here at Sparkle we take Halloween very seriously — meaning we put on silly wigs, big glasses, Halloween capes, and magic crowns. We make delicious treats and fun decorations.

sparkle kitchen: Breakfast with Martin & Sylvia

This week we've been highlighting the Martin & Sylvia series and today I present you with four beautiful and "so so so good" breakfast recipes taken from the Martin & Sylvia stories. All of these recipes are very healthy and easy to make. So come have breakfast with our favorite brother and sister duo.

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