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Sparkle Kitchen: Storytime Snack Roundup

Sparkle Kitchen: Storytime Snack Roundup

Advent is approaching! Hurrah, hurrah!

If you're a seasoned Sparkler, you know how much fun it is to listen to an audio Advent calendar in December. (If you're new to the concept, join us by choosing which one to listen to right here!

One thing we've learned over the years is how satisfying it is to pair listening with a storytime snack. Whether it's sweet or savory, with a school group or a small family, there's something magical about the combination. We've gathered a collection of our favorite snack recipes to share with you for those times when you feel like amping up the holiday celebration a notch.

Happy holiday season, friends! Enjoy!

“small batch” gingerbread cookies 12 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

Small Batch Gingerbread Cookies

Do you like gingerbread cookies? Here's a handy, time-saving recipe for making small batch gingerbread cookies — by freezing the dough ahead of time! This way, you can enjoy the yummy treats, just like Martin & Sylvia do in Day 6 of Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar, without having to brave the grand, sticky process.

Find the recipe HERE

mexican hot chocolate 1 meryl

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Since we’ve already covered regular hot chocolate in this space, this week I give you its even warmer, spicier cousin — Mexican hot chocolate.

Find the recipe HERE

Cinnamon Honey Snowflakes 1 meryl

Cinnamon Honey Snowflake

These cinnamon and honey “snowflakes” — cut from regular tortillas — are not only appropriate for the season, they’ll leave your kitchen smelling warm and cozy, too.

Find the recipe HERE

wassail meryl


The recipe below is enough to serve a party of revelers, but it can easily be halved or quartered. It’s also much more method than recipe, so feel free to modify it to suit your tastes or what you have on hand.

Find the recipe HERE



Like Daddy, I love all of the seasonal stories that families tell as the calendar is bombarded with holidays of light and love at the end of the year. One of my newly discovered favorites is the tale of Old Befana.

Find the recipe HERE

elephant snack mix 3 || sparkle sleepytime

Elephant Snack Mix

Three cheers for treats at school! This magical snack mix has a base that is gluten-free and nut-free that makes it easy to avoid major allergens. Follow the recipe to see all the delicious additions, or add a few ideas of your own! This customizable snack is easy to make and sure to please.

Find the recipe HERE

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