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Foods That Make You Smile Round-Up

Foods That Make You Smile Round-Up

Traditionally, playing with your food has been a no-no. But we are here to say “Play away!” Recent studies show that playing with food and having no pressure to eat it actually lets kids become more comfortable with different types of foods and more likely to try them (rather than shying away from them). We are here for it! We’ve gathered eight recipes-turned-activities that will let your children know that playing with their food is not only okay, it’s encouraged! Bon appetit!


Funny Food Faces

Use veggies and fruits of all shapes and sizes to craft silly faces on your plate. For extra fun use a special porcelain plate that makes snacktime crafting even more entertaining. Find the full directions here.

pesto toast tangram dragons 7 || the willowbee tree series

Pesto Toast Tangram Dragons

This tasty treat is an ever-changing puzzle of shapes that uses imagination and mixes snack time with math for fun and learning. Find the full recipe here.

open faced sandwiches meryl

Open “Faced” Sandwiches

Let a piece of bread serve as the canvas for your next food portrait. Choose favorite ingredients and build out eyes, nose, a mouth, and even some hair (especially if you like sprouts!) Find the full recipe here.

Forest Caterpillar 1200x525

Forest Caterpillar Snack

Tomatoes and celery may not sound like a very fun snack on their own, but when you turn them into a caterpillar — it’s game on! Find the full recipe here.

ladybugs 2 meryl


These sweet mouth-size morsels are simple to make with strawberries for bodies and dark chocolate bits for spots. Find the full recipe here.

hand-shaken milkshakes 11 || junkyard tales

Hand-Shaken Milk Shakes

Any flavor, any size makes this yummy snack perfect for all ages and tastes. Mix your favorite ingredients and give it a delicious shake, shake, shake. Find the full recipe here.

fire roasted marshmallow strawberries 4 || so many fairies

Fire-Roasted Marshmallow Strawberries

These are not your traditional s’mores, but they are just as fun to put together and eat. Add a strawberry and some fluff to a stick and brown over a flame for a delightful treat. Find the full directions here.

rock candy 1 meryl

Rock Candy

Turn snack time into your very own science experiment. These brightly colored candies are sure to delight even the pickiest eater. Find the full recipe here.

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