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sparkle kitchen: ladybugs

sparkle kitchen: ladybugs

In this week’s So Many Fairies story "Ladybugs in the Window", we discover that one particular window of the little house by the lake is a special gathering place for fairies. And not just any fairies — ladybug fairies!

Ladybugs are very beneficial to gardeners, because they eat aphids and bugs that would otherwise nibble flowers and vegetables. Some people even buy specially raised ladybugs and release them in their gardens.

Perhaps because of their usefulness, ladybugs are often thought to be good luck. At my house, we also have a particular window where they like to congregate, and — even when it’s not the most convenient — we’re always careful not to crush them. Instead, they’re gently scooped up and released outside like the magical fairies they just might be.

If the ladybugs are starting to arrive in your part of the world, here’s a fun snack to celebrate. This recipe will make very minimalist “ladybugs”, but if you want more literal ones feel free to use your imagination. Perhaps you could use a blueberry for a head or skinny black licorice for legs?




About 10 strawberries

¼ cup (or even a little less) dark chocolate chips


Wash and hull the strawberries, then slice them in half lengthwise.

Melt the dark chocolate chips. You can either use a double boiler on the stove, or very carefully melt them in the microwave. If you use the microwave, stop and stir every 30 seconds to make sure the chocolate doesn’t scorch.

Using the end of a skewer or a chopstick, dab dots of the melted chocolate on the “backs” of the strawberries to make ladybug spots. Allow the chocolate to harden and cool before serving.

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