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Sparkle Kitchen: Forest Caterpillar Snack

Sparkle Kitchen: Forest Caterpillar Snack

In the Martin & Sylvia story “Animal Daycamp,” Sylvia has been waiting a whole year to go to Animal Camp. She has heard all about it from her brother Martin. But when the time finally arrives, she is no longer quite so sure.

With Daddy’s encouragement, she decides that she will try camp “for a little while.” How amazed she is to meet “the bravest of forest animals” and find that the very same bravery lives in her as well!

forest caterpillar snacks 7 || martin & sylvia

While I won't spoil the story by revealing Sylvia's new-found favorite forest animal, I will tell you that some of my favorite forest creatures are bugs. Wise-looking grasshoppers, lovely moths, and fat, furry caterpillars — it's fascinating to see how many variations there can be within the insect class.

This week's recipe takes its inspiration from all of the weird and wonderful caterpillars who live in the forest.

forest caterpillar snacks 10 || martin & sylvia

You can choose a sweet variation, a savory one, or some of each for a larger snack platter. And don't worry about buying a package of candy eyes for one recipe. Rest assured — once they're in your pantry, you'll find excuses to put them on everything!

Forest Caterpillar Snacks

Makes one caterpillar. Increase as needed to make more.

forest caterpillar snacks 5 || martin & sylvia


Celery stalk, trimmed to about 4 inches long (plus a few scraps for antennae) Candy eyes (available in the baking section of most grocery stores)

For a sweet caterpillar:

About 2 tablespoons peanut butter A few grapes and/or blueberries

For a savory caterpillar:

About 2 tablespoons whipped cream cheese A few cherry tomatoes

forest caterpillar snacks 2 || martin & sylvia


Spoon and spread the peanut butter or cream cheese into the center of the celery stalk. Top with grapes and blueberries (for the peanut butter) or cherry tomatoes (for the cream cheese).

forest caterpillar snacks 1 || martin & sylvia

Use a sharp knife to cut an extra piece of celery into thin slivers, about an inch long.

forest caterpillar snacks 3 || martin & sylvia
forest caterpillar snacks 4 || martin & sylvia

Cut two tiny slits into the front piece of fruit on the celery, and gently slip one end of a celery sliver inside each one to make antennae.

forest caterpillar snacks 8 || martin & sylvia

Use a bit of peanut butter or cream cheese to attach the candy eyes.

Hope you enjoy this forest-themed snack!

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