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Sparkle Kitchen: Teeny the Toadlet Sandwich Stacker

Sparkle Kitchen: Teeny the Toadlet Sandwich Stacker

In the Sparkle Sleepytime story, “Teeny the Toadlet”, Teeny is a little toadlet who is about to go to school for the very first time. When he realizes that going to Toad School includes leaving some of his friends from the pond and making new friends on land, he grows nervous. His mother reassures him that toads are lucky because they can make new friends at Toad School while keeping their old friends from the pond.

This year, for the first time ever, my little “toadlet” is going to a new school where he can bring lunch from home. While it's not in my gift to make lunch box works of art every single day, I am trying to think of a few special lunches for at least the first couple of weeks. In the midst of new faces and rules and routines, I hope that it will be a midday reminder that he's loved and maybe even a conversation starter to ease the way to making some new friends.

If you're looking for similar ideas to help make those starting-a-new-school-year transitions easier, give this “Teeny” sandwich stacker a try. A spinach tortilla wrap does most of the work for you—just by being green—and you can customize the filling to suit your child's favorites.

With just a little imagination, you could also add sides to match the theme. How about some “swamp water” dipping sauce with “logs”? (Green goddess dressing and carrots.) Or some “pond mud” and “sticks”? (Hummus and celery.)

Here's wishing you an easy “hop” into this new school year!

Teeny the Toadlet Sandwich Stacker

teeny the toadlet sandwich stacker 4 || sparkle sleepytime


1 extra large (wrap size) green tortilla

a few slices of lunchmeat (ham, turkey, roast beef, etc.)

a few slices of cheese

1 baby dill pickle

1 olive


teeny the toadlet sandwich stacker 3 || sparkle sleepytime

Begin by using a biscuit cutter or similarly shaped round object to cut 4 small circles out of the tortilla.

teeny the toadlet sandwich stacker 7 || sparkle sleepytime
Layer a bit of lunchmeat and cheese on top of one of the circles, then top it with another circle.
teeny the toadlet sandwich stacker 8 || sparkle sleepytime
Keep layering until you've used all the circles, ending with a piece of tortilla on top. The circles will stay together better if you spread the meat and cheese right up to the edges rather than concentrating it all in the center.
teeny the toadlet sandwich stacker 2 || sparkle sleepytime

Next, use scissors to cut a pair of froggy webbed feet out of the tortilla scraps. You'll also need to cut out two small tortilla circles (just a bit wider than the circumference of your pickle) to form the base of the eyes.

teeny the toadlet sandwich stacker 1 || sparkle sleepytime

To make the eyes, slice the pickle into rounds and cut the olive in half. Then, make two little stacks—tortilla, pickle, olive—to complete them.

teeny the toadlet sandwich stacker 11 || sparkle sleepytime

Now, pull out your child's lunch container. Put the two feet in the bottom corners, and gently place the sandwich stack on top. Put the eyes on top of the sandwich stack, and use a knife to cut a small slit for the mouth. If you have a little extra lunch meat leftover, you can slip it into the mouth to make a tongue. Depending on the size of the lunch container you're using, you may need to use a few toothpicks to secure your masterpiece.

teeny the toadlet sandwich stacker 5 || sparkle sleepytime

Once your toadlet is all secure and snug, pop him into a lunch box and send him off to school!

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