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Sparkle Kitchen: Strawberry Slushies Recipe

In the story, Martin and Sylvia have gone to their neighbors, the Browns, to help them pick strawberries. The day is a hot one, and Martin and Sylvia’s strawberry picking endeavors are slowed by the high temperatures. But that doesn’t stop the fun! They take a break and enjoy “Strawberry Slushies” in the shade.

I Love You Gifts for Father's Day: Craft and Recipe Ideas

For Father's Day, we've rounded up several recipes and crafts that the kids can plan in advance and either make with Dad or for him.

Easy Recipes for Kids to Make for Mother’s Day

We gathered four easy recipes that kids can make with minimal help from an older sibling or grown-up. These are practically no-cook recipes, but they will give the children confidence and allow them to present something lovely to their mama made all by themselves.

Sparkle Kitchen Round Up: Let's Make Fairy Food!

Last summer, we brought you a month of fairy foods. Each week, we rounded up different types of favorite delicacies as we considered the tastes of earth fairies, water fairies, fire fairies, and air fairies. Today, we're gathering all those round-ups together into one place so you can easily find them all.

Sparkle Kitchen: "Play with Your Food"

The recipes this week are all about getting tactile and creative with food. Here are nine Sparkle recipes to help you get more playful in the kitchen.

Sparkle Kitchen: Four Sparkly Cakes for Celebrations

We're so excited about our website launch, that we're in the mood for celebrating. We pulled together all of our best "cake" recipes. Now we just have to choose...

sparkle kitchen: Four Sparkly Valentines Treats

Valentine's Day is the best time to bring out all the red and pink foods. Think strawberries, cherries, and mixed berries. Valentine's Day is also a great day to make a sweet treat for anyone you love and appreciate. Here are four of our favorites.

sparkle kitchen: our nine favorite holiday treats

Here at Sparkle we are helping your holiday season get off to a very happy start with stories, crafts, and advent calendars. Today we've rounded up of some very lovely Sparkle holiday treats to get your taste buds and tummy in the mood as well.

Sparkle Kitchen: Best of Thanksgiving Round Up

With communal eating in mind, we've rounded up nine fantastic recipes great for eating with lots of people. These recipes are easily doubled or tripled for a crowd too.

sparkle kitchen: four dishes for giving

This week we are trying to inspire you all to do some good deeds like those featured in the upcoming "Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club." I've rounded up four great recipes for sharing. These recipes are great for bringing to a family who has had a new baby or is moving or just needs a little help with meals during a stressful time.

Sparkle Kitchen: Starry Night Chamomile Shortbreads

Cut into star shapes, these chamomile shortbread cookies would be perfect for your next star watching party. Chamomile's relaxing properties always make me think of it as a nighttime herb, and the cheery, yellow flowers are summery, too.

sparkle kitchen: halloween treats round up

We've rounded up a few of our favorite Sparkle recipes that would be great for a Halloween party or treat for your loved ones this autumn.

Sparkle Kitchen: Kids Cook Round Up

These cookies are very quick to mix up. Your kiddos, depending on their age, might only need help putting the cookies in the oven. If they are younger, let them try measuring out the ingredients and mixing them all on their own.

The "Lake Days" Celebration Hardtack Recipe

It's pirate food, to go with the Martin & Sylvia story "Pirates!"

Four Autumn Apple Recipes

With apples of all shapes and sizes in amazing shades of gold, red, green, it's a wonder that they are as delicious as they are beautiful. This week we celebrate apple season with four of our favorite apple recipes.

Sparkle Kitchen: Momma B's Tea Cakes

These gluten-free, dairy-free cookies are yummy (particularly when cold). Included are also the gluten-full, dairy-full alternatives.

sparkle kitchen: car snacks round up!

We've created a list of nine Sparkle recipes that are great for the car and don't need refrigeration other than a cold pack. Stash a few of these in your car for your next trip and you'll be good to go!

Back to School Crafts and Recipes Round Up

We've gathered some of our best crafts and recipes to support families during back to school transitions!

Back to School Lunch Ideas Round Up

Here at Sparkle we've got lots of ideas for healthy meals and snacks as back-to-school time approaches.

sparkle kitchen: cool treats round up

August is one of the hottest months of the year. Days are still long and summer storms might not be as frequent. That's when it great to have a few cool treats on hand to cool your little ones off. We've rounded up four of our favorite Sparkle treats that are super-easy to make and have no artificial ingredients.

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