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Sparkle Kitchen: Our Nine Favorite Holiday Treats

Sparkle Kitchen: Our Nine Favorite Holiday Treats

Here at Sparkle we are helping your holiday season get off to a very happy start with stories, crafts, and advent calendars. Today we've rounded up of some very lovely Sparkle holiday treats to get your taste buds and tummy in the mood as well.

gluten-free quoll (monkey) bread 15 || the willowbee tree

Gluten-Free Quoll (Monkey) Bread

As with most gluten-free baked goods, the texture of this bread is different from conventional Monkey Bread, but — with all the same sugar, spices, and butter — it's just as yummy in its own way. Give some a try when you need a delicious breakfast bread or a sweet snack that can be truly shared by all.

Find the recipe HERE.

glass star cookies

Glass Star Cookies

These are delicious to eat, but would also be lovely hung in a window to catch the winter light!

Find the recipe HERE.

Cinnamon Honey Snowflakes 1 meryl

Cinnamon Honey Snowflakes

These snowflakes are easy to make and even easier to eat. They come together quickly and make a fun afternoon snack or warming after-dinner treat.

Find the recipe HERE.



This Italian holiday recipe is fun to make. Everyone will remember it well, with the sweet nuggets of fried dough and little colorful sprinkles on top.

Find the recipe HERE.

winter snow cones

Winter Snow Cones

In the Martin & Sylvia story "First Day," Martin and Sylvia celebrate First Day by entering a snow sculpture competition.

You can make your own cold-weather creation out of snow (or crushed ice) and juice!

Find the recipe HERE.



This age-old dessert doesn't always get the credit it deserves. Try our fruitcake recipe and see if you don't like it. It has dried cherries, pistachios, and dark maple goodness.

Find the recipe HERE.

mexican hot chocolate 1 meryl

Mexican Hot Chocolate

We love a warm cup of cocoa, don't you? However, we also love to experiment in the kitchen, so we decided to give Mexican Hot Chocolate a try. Have you tasted it before? It's chocolate-y (of course) but also a little spicy! Cocoa, cinnamon, and CAYENNE! Just a pinch. It'll warm you right up.

Find the recipe HERE.

“small batch” gingerbread cookies 12 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

Small Batch Gingerbread Cookies

This recipe is a little labor-intensive up front, but it will be worth it when you have fresh gingerbread cookies at your fingertips all season long. It's Advent magic, indeed!

Find the recipe HERE.

wassail meryl


Blessing apple trees on Twelfth Night is an old custom. Traditionally, revelers would make cups of wassail and pour some on the apple trees to bless them for the coming year.

If you, too, are grateful for a "bountiful harvest" this year, why not make up a pot of wassail for your family?

Find the recipe HERE.

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