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Back to School Crafts and Recipes Round Up

We've gathered some of our best crafts and recipes to support families during back to school transitions!

Back to School Lunch Ideas Round Up

Here at Sparkle we've got lots of ideas for healthy meals and snacks as back-to-school time approaches.

sparkle kitchen: cool treats round up

August is one of the hottest months of the year. Days are still long and summer storms might not be as frequent. That's when it great to have a few cool treats on hand to cool your little ones off. We've rounded up four of our favorite Sparkle treats that are super-easy to make and have no artificial ingredients.

Sparkle Kitchen: Gluten Free Star Crackers

Using a leftover Christmas cookie cutter, these homemade crackers take on the shape of the stars. They're gluten-free, and the toppings can easily be customized to suit your tastes. Make up a batch to go along with a New Year's Eve cheese platter for a delicious start to whatever 2018 may hold.

Sparkle Kitchen: Beef Jerky

Beef jerky has long been a staple for people who need protein on the go, or in situations where harder to cook snacks might be impractical for speedy, secret eats. While drying your own jerky has its pitfalls, they’re relatively easy to avoid with just a few common sense precautions.

Sparkle Kitchen: What Fire Fairies Eat

Fire fairies have a special fondness for fruit and its changeable, ripening qualities. These recipes will give you a few ideas for melding fruit and fire together.

Sparkle Kitchen: What Earth Fairies Eat

Earth fairies enjoy hearty meals. We've picked out four that I think any earth fairy would love to share with the kids they meet.

What Water Fairies Eat

Get to know the water fairies around you by exploring a few treats that are especially suitable for water fairies.

What Air Fairies Eat

Let's explore the air fairies in our environments through some carefully-chosen recipes.

Nine Easy Sparkle Game Time Snacks

Make a few of these snacks and put them out on the table so little ones who are busy at play can grab them whenever they pass by. It's an easy way to have something ready before their hunger strikes!

Nine Light Summer Recipes

Summer is a great time to lighten up your meals. Fresh vegetables and fruit are abundant in farmers markets and backyard gardens. I've rounded up a bunch of light recipes you can make over and over again all throughout the summer.

sparkle kitchen: father's day recipe round up

At Sparkle, we believe fathers are just as important in the daily lives of families as mothers. We want to honor that by giving you a few ideas for special treats your kids can make on their own to show Dad just how much he means to the family.

Nine Favorite Outdoor Recipes Round Up

Here at Sparkle we have hundreds of great recipes, but we know that can be daunting to search through. So instead, we've picked nine great recipes that you can cook outside, take on the trail with you or just enjoy on the porch.

Sparkle Kitchen: Superhero Smoothies

Whether you're an initiate of a secret society of superheroes or just an ordinary human, nothing can pick you up after a tiring summer afternoon like a refreshing, ice-cold smoothie.

sparkle kitchen: chapati bread, two ways

Inspired by the Willowbee's trip to East Africa, this week's recipe — for an East African flatbread called chapati — has two options: one for when you feel like playing it safe and the other for when you're feeling up for an adventure.

Sparkle Kitchen: Pecan Sandies

If you want to spend some time baking with your kiddos this summer, these pecan sandies are an easy recipe to start with. Studded with sweet pecans, these cookies will delight your family, with maybe enough left over to take some to the neighbors.

Granola Berry Breakfast Tarts

In the story, Martin and his friends make beautiful, natural art projects for Mother Earth. For this week's recipe, we're keeping those ideas of beautiful and natural, but switching back to doing something for our own mothers — a lovely Mother's Day breakfast tart. We've provided an easy-to-follow, kid-friendly recipe.

Sparkle Kitchen: Comfort Food Round Up

To go along with this week's themes of compassion and understanding hurt, we've compiled nine Sparkle comfort food recipes.

Sparkle Kitchen: Fire-Roasted Marshmallow Strawberries

This week's snack is a spring-themed riff on traditional s'mores — it's roasted strawberries covered with marshmallow fluff. When you cook the strawberries over a fire, the marshmallow caramelizes and the strawberry warms into a perfect balance of sweet, tart, gooeyness. You may like them more than traditional roasted marshmallows.

sparkle kitchen: johnny cakes

Made with just a few ingredients, and often fried over a campfire, these cornmeal Johnny Cakes were a staple for Civil War soldiers, particularly in the South. Inspired by the FIFTY story "Kansas: The Rivalry", here is a delicious recipe for making them at home!

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