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What Air Fairies Eat

What Air Fairies Eat

Air fairies govern the leaves and flowers of plants. They are the sanguine temperament- changeable, distracted, happy, curious, flighty, talkative, bright, and shiny.

They are communication - nerves - transport - speed. Their energy speeds them along into the realm of making connections.

Let's explore the air fairies in our environments through some carefully-chosen recipes.

air fairies food round up
popover pic 1


These tasty popovers are light as air and so much fun to eat. Happy, curious air fairies would love to share these with the children they meet.

Find the recipe HERE.

cranachan 10 || the willowbee tree

If I were an air fairy, I'd want everything to be made of whipped cream. Cranachan is as light as a dessert can be. It will make you feel happy and bright.

Find the recipe HERE.

cloudberry cream meryl 1

Cloud Berry Cream

If I were to go to breakfast at the home of an air fairy, I would imagine they'd serve cloudberry cream. Light and sweet and cheerful.

Find the recipe HERE.

banana soft serve ice cream 10 || by thistle by thimble

Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream

This one is for all curious people. Is it ice cream? Well ... sort of. There's no cream but there is a lot of air whipped into the bananas — and it is definitely delicious.

Find the recipe HERE.

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