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Sparkle Kitchen: Car Snacks Round Up!

Sparkle Kitchen: Car Snacks Round Up!

When I think car trips, my first thoughts are how long with it take? and what will we eat? I live in the west and often cities are few and far between. When we do find a place to stop, they usually don't offer the healthiest food — mostly gas station fare. So I like to bring my own food. I try to bring a mixture of fresh and dried foods as well as a few treats. I pack cut-up veggies and hummus, seasonal fruit that doesn't bruise easily, crackers or pretzels, a baked good of some kind, mixed nuts and dried fruit, and some sort of sweet treat.

We've created a list of nine Sparkle recipes that are great for the car and don't need refrigeration other than a cold pack. Stash a few of these in your car for your next trip and you'll be good to go!

gluten free star crackers 13 || so many fairies

Gluten-Free Star Crackers

These gluten-free crackers are so tasty. The mix of salt and rosemary is just perfection. These are a great healthy alternative to store-bought crackers for you car trip snacks.

Find the recipe HERE.

beef jerky 1 meryl

Beefy Jerky

If your family eats meat, this beef jerky is a really great take-along for a car ride. Jerky is savory and filling, plus this one doesn't have lots of extra additives like the gas station versions.

Find the Recipe HERE.

elephant snack mix 3 || sparkle sleepytime

Elephant Snack Mix

This elephant snack mix can be a bit messy in the car — somehow popcorn goes everywhere! However, it's a great snack to have your little ones put together in advance as they can combine all their favorite things together and feel like they helping to prepare for the trip.

Find the recipe HERE.

spiced nuts meryl 1

Rosemary Spiced Nuts

These rosemary spiced nuts are a fabulous alternative to just plain old nut mixes. Like the gluten-free star crackers, the combo of rosemary and salt is just divine.

Find the recipe HERE.

avocado yogurt dip 1|| martin & sylvia: saturdays!

Avocado Yogurt Dip

You'll need a cold pack to travel with this yogurt dip, but it's so worth it! Cut up your favorite veggies and few wedges of bread or pita and you have a quick lunch, too.

Find the recipe HERE.

vegetarian pemmican bars 8 || libby & dish

Vegetarian Pemmican

Pemmican is the original granola bar. These are mix of dried fruits and nuts and make a great alternative to more costly granola bars from the store.

Find the recipe HERE.

double berry "rock" cakes 2 || dry gables

Double Berry Rock Cakes

These are a really fun treat for an early morning car ride. Portable breakfasts are the best for sleepy kids and adults alike!

Find the recipe HERE.

fruit leathers 1|| at home with martin & sylvia

Fruit Leathers

In our family, we eat a very low-sugar diet and so something like fruit leather is a special sweet treat. I feel good about making these as they made from whole fruit and don't require added sweeteners.

Find the recipe HERE.



These are the kind sweet treats I would usually reserve for last as they are a fun pick-me-up when kids get bored or whiny or just plain done in the car. They are so so tasty, so make a big batch of them!

Find the recipe HERE.

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