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sparkle kitchen: cool treats round up

sparkle kitchen: cool treats round up

August is one of the hottest months of the year. Days are still long and summer storms might not be as frequent. That's when it great to have a few cool treats on hand to cool your little ones off. We've rounded up four of our favorite Sparkle treats that are super-easy to make and have no artificial ingredients.

roasted blueberry popsicles 2|| junkyard tales

Roasted Blueberry Popsicles

If you haven't tried roasted blueberries, you're in for a treat. Roasting adds a deeper flavor and extra sweetness to these pops. Pro-tip: roast the blueberries in the morning when it's cooler so you aren't heating up the house as much.

Find the recipe HERE.

cherry icicles meryl

Cherry Icicles

Remember those neon-colored push-pops from your childhood? Well, these push all the same buttons, but they are made with real fruit and taste so much better! Use any real fruit in season to make a big batch and keep them in your freezer.

Find the recipe HERE.

Colorful Rainbow Pops 1

Colorful Rainbow Pops

Mix and match any of your child's favorite fruits to make these brightly-colored and healthy fruit pops. The best part — the flavors change as you work your way throught it!

Find the recipe HERE.

watermelon slushies 1 meryl

Watermelon Slushies

The slushies from my childhood were super-sweet and filled with artifical colors. We know now that those artifical colors and sweeteners are definitely not good for young or old bodies. This watermelon slushie is all-natural and so so so tasty.

Find the recipe HERE.

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