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Sparkle Kitchen: Pecan Sandies

If you want to spend some time baking with your kiddos this summer, these pecan sandies are an easy recipe to start with. Studded with sweet pecans, these cookies will delight your family, with maybe enough left over to take some to the neighbors.

Granola Berry Breakfast Tarts

In the story, Martin and his friends make beautiful, natural art projects for Mother Earth. For this week's recipe, we're keeping those ideas of beautiful and natural, but switching back to doing something for our own mothers — a lovely Mother's Day breakfast tart. We've provided an easy-to-follow, kid-friendly recipe.

Sparkle Kitchen: Comfort Food Round Up

To go along with this week's themes of compassion and understanding hurt, we've compiled nine Sparkle comfort food recipes.

Sparkle Kitchen: Fire-Roasted Marshmallow Strawberries

This week's snack is a spring-themed riff on traditional s'mores — it's roasted strawberries covered with marshmallow fluff. When you cook the strawberries over a fire, the marshmallow caramelizes and the strawberry warms into a perfect balance of sweet, tart, gooeyness. You may like them more than traditional roasted marshmallows.

sparkle kitchen: johnny cakes

Made with just a few ingredients, and often fried over a campfire, these cornmeal Johnny Cakes were a staple for Civil War soldiers, particularly in the South. Inspired by the FIFTY story "Kansas: The Rivalry", here is a delicious recipe for making them at home!

Sparkle Kitchen: Double Berry "Rock" Cakes

Inspired by J.B.'s stack of stones, this week's recipe will help you make your own stack of rocks — the edible kind!

sparkle kitchen: daffodil tarts

If you're feeling ready for some of the sunshine a bouquet of daffodils can bring, bake up a batch of these “daffodil” lemon tarts. Even if it's still winter where you live, the bright, tangy lemon curd will have you dreaming of spring in no time.

Libby's Adventure Snack: Vegetarian Pemmican

Libby and Dish prepare for Libby’s outing to the city with their Adventure Checklist. All four items — including a Mask of On-and-Off Invisibility and a Shelter Cloak of Safekeeping — serve to provide Libby with everything she needs for the trip.

sparkle kitchen: warm kale salad with maple dressing

This warm kale salad with maple dressing is one of our favorite lunches for a yucky winter Saturday afternoon

sparkle kitchen: leek and sausage soup

Inspired by the leek sausages that Marta has to leave when she's called to help with the conflict in this story, this soup is hearty and warm, but — between the leeks, spinach, and lemon — also just bright enough to make you think there might be a hope of spring coming soon.

Sparkle Kitchen: Birthday Pancakes

These birthday pancakes are a great way to kick off the next special day in your family. The recipe isn't extraordinary — just basic pancakes — but, by using a squeeze bottle to make notes or drawings in the batter, you can make these pancakes an extra-fun birthday morning surprise.

Sparkle Kitchen: Raspberry Friands

Made in a mini-muffin tin, these raspberry friands are both the perfect size and have just the right amount of whimsy to travel along on a good fairy quest.

sparkle kitchen: quinoa chicken nuggets

This week's recipe — which would be a lovely lunch for either a snow day or a President's Day holiday from school — is an allergy-friendly take on chicken nuggets. Using quinoa instead of breadcrumbs on the outside of the nuggets makes them gluten-free so everyone can enjoy them.

Sparkle Kitchen: Hand-Shaken Milkshakes

Whether you'd like to start your own Valentine's milkshake tradition or just whip up something fun on a Saturday afternoon, have a sweet time giving these milkshakes a try.

Sparkle Kitchen: Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

This roasted tomato basil soup is the coziest thing for a cold day. Because it's winter, I use canned tomatoes instead of fresh, but throwing them into a warm oven to roast for a few hours gives them a July kind of sweetness

Sparkle Kitchen: Hiking Food For Little Explorers Round Up

We've rounded up a bunch of wonderful on-the-go snacks that are kid-friendly and will keep you outside and moving — whatever the weather.

sparkle kitchen: healthy winter drinks round up

Just as water brings life to the farm family, teas can help us during the winter season to feel better. Often when I am feeling a little down or out of sorts, I'll make a nice herbal tea to boost my spirits and give me the energy I need to carry on.

Sparkle Kitchen: Cozy Winter Recipes Round-up

Winter is in full swing and the snow is deep in many places across the country. We thought we'd inspire you to keep warm with some cozy winter recipes that will warm up not only your kitchens but your stomachs and hearts, too. Who knows? One of these recipes may become a new winter favorite for your family.

Healthy Sparkle Recipes for the New Year

Ready to transition from holiday habits to a more healthful way of eating? These Sparkle Kitchen recipes are easy to make with kids and so tasty. You'll have your kiddos back on track in no time.

Grandma Mary's Peanut Butter Balls (Buckeyes)

This story happily reminded me of the peanut butter balls my Grandma Mary used to make every Christmas. While everyone in the family enjoyed them, I was definitely the biggest fan. Grandma Mary knew how dearly I loved them, and she would always tuck a dozen into an old coffee can and hide them in the back of her refrigerator just for me.

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