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Sparkle Kitchen: Father's Day Recipe Round Up

Sparkle Kitchen: Father's Day Recipe Round Up

In May, we celebrated our mothers — and now Father's Day is just around the corner. At Sparkle, we believe fathers are just as important in the daily lives of families as mothers. We want to honor that by giving you a few ideas for special treats your kids can make on their own to show Dad just how much he means to the family. I've rounded up breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and even dessert recipes so you have something to make at any point in the day — just in case you have an early-rising dad or one that likes to sleep in!

homemade drop biscuits 6|| so many fairies

Homemade Drop Biscuits

Start the day off with a fun treat of biscuit and egg sandwiches. This recipe is easy for little hands to help make and assemble. Make double batch because these biscuits will be gone in no time.

Find the recipe HERE.

warm kale salad with maple mustard dressing 9 || so many fairies

Warm Kale Salad with Maple dressing

This salad is great for a filling but light lunch. It's packed full of nutrition to help keep Dad healthy. Pair it with our campfire raspberry basil grilled cheese sandwiches for a spectacular combination.

Find the recipe HERE.

campfire raspberry basil grilled cheese sandwiches 1|| by thistle by thimble

Campfire Raspberry Basil Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Take grilled cheese to the next level and actually make them on the grill! Dads tend to love food cooked over a fire. This sandwich is gooey, cheesey, tangy, and sweet. Make four or five of them — Dad will want to eat them all!

Find the recipe HERE.

butternut squash mac and cheese 9 || martin & sylvia's nature school

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Most dads are still kids at heart. They like pillow fights and wrestling and hanging out in their pj's all day. Here's a recipe to bring back Dad's childhood — but with a much healthier twist.

Find the recipe HERE.

leek and sausage soup 2 || dry gables

Leek and Sausage Soup

If your father is like mine, he probably works really hard. My dad is handyman who builds and fixes things all day. He always comes home hungry. This leek and sausage soup is just the thing to help fill up those very hungry dads. Definitely make extra so there's some for the rest of the family too!

Find the recipe HERE.

fromage forte 7 || junkyard tales

Fromage Forte

This a tasty and filling snack that will get Dad eating his veggies too. This recipe is easy for even the littlest hands to help assemble. Older kids can make it on their own.

Find the recipe HERE.

pastelitos 3 || libby & dish


These pastries are fun and easy to make. They are sweet and flaky and can be an afternoon snack or a dessert. Treat Dad to something he probably hasn't had before with these fun Cuban pastries.

Find the recipe HERE.

mason jar peach cobblers 11 || martin & sylvia: more adventures!

Mason Jar Peach Cobbler

It's time for dessert. This one is so so so good, as Sylvia would say. Bring your peach cobbler outside for a Father's Day picnic or grilling party!

Find the recipe HERE.

peanut butter ice cream sandwiches 2 || at home with martin & sylvia

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich

Last but definitely not least, try your hand at some homemade ice cream sandwiches. These are ten times better than anything you can buy in the store. Make Dad's favorite cookie, grab his favorite ice cream, and you're all set. Once again, make a lot. I mean it — they will all be gone.

Find the recipe HERE.

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