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Nine Favorite Outdoor Recipes Round Up

Nine Favorite Outdoor Recipes Round Up

Whether it's going out for a hike, camping for a weekend, or just a barbeque in your backyard, we want to encourage you to get outside and explore nature. Exploring always makes me hungry, so I am constantly thinking about what to eat and what my kids will want to eat as we enjoy our time in nature. Here at Sparkle we have hundreds of great recipes, but we know that can be daunting to search through. So instead, we've picked nine great recipes that you can cook outside, take on the trail with you or just enjoy on the porch.

solstice bonfire s'mores 1|| at home with martin & sylvia

Solstice Bonfire Smore's

What is more quintisential on a camping trip than smore's? We made these smore's for the winter solstice, but they're so good we see no reason at all not to enjoy them for summer solstice too or any outdoor fireside occasion. The gingerbread cookies take these smore's to a whole other level of tastiness.

Find the recipe HERE..

homemade german sausage 4 || dry gables

Homemade German Sausage

Summertime is when many cooks move to an outdoor kitchen. Cooking outside is really wonderful as gives you a chance to observe nature as you wait for things to cook. These homeamde sausages are not only tasty but they are even more delicious cooked outside on the grill.

Find the recipe HERE..

LSM favorite hot dog 1

What's Your Favorite Hot Dog?

Maybe making the sausages aren't your thing, but you've got friends coming over after a day playling out at the park or after a hike. Why not jazz things up, and keep the day outside, by making hot dogs on the grill. Put out a buffet of interesting topings and let your guests make their own kind of hot dog. Have everyone share their creations before eating. It's sure to be fun and delicious!

Find the recipe HERE.

watermelon slushies 1 meryl

Watermelon Slushies

Sometimes being outside can be hot, and heat can give you the grumps. If that happens to you or your kiddos, try making these watermelon slushies. They are sure to cool things off and with just three ingredients they are super easy to make. The kids can help too, and everyones' frowns are sure to return to smiles in no time.

Find the recipe HERE.

bannock bread 1 meryl

Bannock Bread

Cooking with a stick over fire makes me feel very connected to nature. There is an unpredictability to cooking with fire that requires lots of mindfulness. This recipe for bannock bread is a great way to introduce kids to cooking with one of natures greatest elements, fire!

Find the recipe HERE.

mineral rich tea 1|| martin & sylvia's nature school

Mineral Rich Tea

Creating your own tea blends is a wonderful way to bring nature into your home. For as long as modern humans have been around they have experienced the benifcial effects that plants can provide. And aside from the potential benefits, this tea is just darn tasty.

Find the recipe HERE.

Autumn Trail Mix 1
Autumn Trail Mix

This trail mix has autumn in the title, but don't let that stop you. You could make it a summer trail mix and add dried strawberries or dried peaches. This is a wonderful snack to have on hand anytime you are out and about exploring.

Find the recipe HERE.

lilac oranginas 5 || so many fairies

Lilac Oranginas

To me there is no better way to experience the perfume of a flower than to eat it. Smelling is fine, but edible flowers bring the experience of flowers to a whole new level. This drink is so refreshing, it will have you outside gathering flowers over and over again.

Find the recipe HERE.

canal boat campfire stew packets 5|| fifty: the stars, the states, and the stories

Canal Boat Campfire Stew Packets

When I was 10 years old, I went to a sleepway camp and we went on a very short backpacking trip. Our camp counselors made us foil packet dinners over our campfire. It remains my all time favorite camp food to this day. These are such a great way to end a long day of play outside. You can add anything you want to them, and make them with meat or vegetarian.

Find the recipe HERE.

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