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What Water Fairies Eat

What Water Fairies Eat

Water fairies govern the sprout and stem of a plant — lots of water moving up and down, breathing, like maple sap.

They are the phlegmatic temperament: slow, steady, living outside of time and loving comfort ... but they can have intense tempers. They are like water, which seeks its own level and loves nothing more than to be still and float. But when provoked, they can be dangerous.

They are autumn — dreamy, sleepy, heavy, and loving naps and stillness.

Get to know the water fairies around you by exploring a few treats that are especially suitable for water fairies.

maple syrup candy

Maple Syrup Candy

Water fairies love sap, espcially sweet maple sap. This is easy to make. If you don't happen to have snow right now, you can also use a frozen plate.

Find the recipe HERE.

lilac oranginas 5 || so many fairies

Lilac Oranginas

This summer-worthy beverage offers just the perfect mix of sweet and floral for the water fairies around you to enjoy. If lilacs aren't in season around you, consider trying a bit of rose or lavender.

Find the recipe HERE.

Homemade Iced Lemon Mint Tea

Homemade Lemon Mint Tea

Mint is a water-loving plant. It often grows near streams in profusion. I'm pretty sure water fairies would definitely serve a thirsty wanderer this tea because of the mint's cooling effect.

Find the recipe HERE.

watermelon slushies 1 meryl

Watermelon Slushies

Watermelon. It's cool and refreshing and just the treat for a laid-back water fairy. These slushies offer just that kind of refreshment for any child or grown-up who needs a little relaxing cool down.

Find the recipe HERE.

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