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Four Autumn Apple Recipes

Four Autumn Apple Recipes

Dear apple, on your branch, please fall into my hat. For if I take you off the tree, they'll not be pleased with that!

Apples red and apples green, please fall down upon the ground. For if I pick you off the tree, I cannot say how you've been found.

Apples here and apples there, please fall into my hand. My little sisters stand and stare and wait for you to land.

Hips and haws and thistles tall stand all around the tree. All will soon be picked and stored. Is there not just one for me?

Apples, apples, everywhere, please let me have just one,and just two more, please, tree, then September will be done.

~ Elsa Beskow

Oh, apple season — how I love you! There are hundreds of varieties of apples out there, from crisp-tart to sweet-tart to just-plain-sweet. With apples of all shapes and sizes in amazing shades of gold, red, green, it's a wonder that they are as delicious as they are beautiful. This week we celebrate apple season with four of our favorite apple recipes. 

apple strudel 5|| the willowbee tree

Apple Strudel

This recipe is an easy strudel shortcut using store-bought puff pastry. It tastes wonderful and is quick to make — great because you'll no doubt have hungry kids eagerly awaiting a bite of this delicious treat.

Find the recipe HERE.

baked apples with cinnamon oat nut stuffing 1

Baked Apples with Cinnamon Oat Nut Stuffing

Baked apples are a fun alternative to a pie. This recipe is comes together in a snap and is simply delicious.

Find the recipe HERE.

rustic apple mini bacon pies

Rustic Apple Bacon Mini-Pies

This is another favorite pie alternative — a brilliant way to avoid worrrying about fancy pie crusts. Just roll the dough out, plop the apple mixture in the middle, fold the sides over, and bake. It comes out looking artistically unique every time.

Find the recipe HERE.

IMG 7827 roasted apple soup

Roasted Apple Soup

If you love autumn soups and you also like apples, this recipe is for you! The sweetness of the apples combined with the earthiness of the squash makes for a really lovely autumn meal.

Find the recipe HERE.

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