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Sparkle Kitchen: What Earth Fairies Eat

Sparkle Kitchen: What Earth Fairies Eat

Earth Fairies are gnomes. They govern the roots and that which happens under ground.

They are the melancholic temperament. Moody, sensitive, frowny, harsh. They feel everything and are often uncomfortable. But they are also highly empathetic and kind.

They are winter - all the work is underground. Heady, smart, and thin - work, work, work.

Earth fairies enjoy hearty meals. I've picked out four that I think any earth fairy would love to share with the kids they meet.

rock candy 1 meryl

Rock Candy

I can't think of treat more favored by earth fairies than rock candy. This treat is super-easy to make in your child's favorite color of rocks or gemstones.

Find the recipe HERE.

fairy fort cupcakes 12 || so many fairies

Fairy Fort Cupcakes

“Fairy forts” are the slightly domed remains of ancient ringforts and other circular dwellings in Ireland. Legend has it that the forts were gateways to the fairy world, and there are many superstitions surrounding them, ranging from Leprechaun gold to blessed cattle. You are sure to find earth fairies in or near your home with these cupcakes around.

Find the recipe HERE

fromage forte 7 || junkyard tales

Formage Forte

This recipe is easy to make and is great for dipping root vegetables in. Earth fairies like all things to do with roots and the ground.

Find the recipe HERE.

risgrøt 4|| the willowbee tree


Risgrøt is a hardy, warm breakfast — perfect for cold mornings. Earth fairies know it can be hard to get going when the earth is cold, so this would definitely be a breakfast they would share with anyone needing a warm start to their day.

Find the recipe HERE.

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