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I Love You Gifts for Father's Day: Craft and Recipe Ideas

 I Love You Gifts for Father's Day: Craft and Recipe Ideas

Father's Day is usually relegated to the backyard bbq and hardware store sale. Although I'm sure Dads love buying tools on sale, this day should really be about showing appreciation for them. We've rounded up several recipes and crafts that the kids can plan in advance and either make with Dad or for him. This round up is all about creating a fun experience with Dad on Father's Day.


watercolor circles DIY thank you note

Watercolor Thank You Notes

This is a fun one to make and takes little advance planning or materials. Have the kids pick out Dad's favorite colors and practice their hand at writing.

Find the the tutorial HERE

plaster casting 6 || martin & sylvia's nature school

Plaster Casting

This project can be done as an activity with Dad or as gift. If you choose to do it as an activity, just make sure to have all the materials in advance and pick a place to take a nature walk with Dad and then surpise him. As a gift, just make sure to give yourself a day or two in advance to find some prints and cast them and let them dry.

Find the tutorial HERE

Sparkle Stories - DIY Colorful Silhouettes

Colorful Silhouettes

Colorful Silhouettes are a really fun way to give that special Dad a reminder of the kid or kids he loves so much. This a really fun alternative to a typical picture.

Find the tutorial HERE

personalized hiking stick 17 || martin & sylvia

Personalized Hiking Sticks

Personalized hiking sticks are a fun one to do together. I recommend taking Dad on a hike first and finding your sticks out there — that way it becomes an activity and craft.

Find the tutorial HERE

Collapsible Tent

Make Dad feel like a kid again by making him a super simple collapsible tent! You might have to size it up a bit to fit your Dad, but trust me he'll be in there in no time. Maybe try a picnic lunch, too.

Find the tutorial HERE


turkey burgers

Turkey Burgers

This recipe is a great one the kids can help make. If it's a good-weather day have a picnic in the collapsible tent!

Find the recipe HERE

peanut butter ice cream sandwiches 2 || at home with martin & sylvia
Ice Cream Sandwiches

This one is a great way to show Dad that you notice the things he likes. Make his favorite cookies and get his favorite ice cream.

Find the recipe HERE

chickpea burgers 5 || martin & sylvia: more adventures!

Chickpea Burgers

This is a great burger for the vegetarian Dad. Make lots of them — they will definitely go fast! Plus, they are easy for older kids to mix up on their own.

Find the recipe HERE

hand-shaken milkshakes 11 || junkyard tales

Handshaken Milkshakes

Here is one last fun treat/activity kids and their Dads can do together. Handshaken milkshakes might just lead to a lot of silliness and giggling. Change up the fruit you use to make the colors different. Pick out Dad's favorite flavors and give him an afternoon treat to shows how much you care.

Find the tutorial HERE

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